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Se nekrologer mm. på Modkraft-siden: Peter (Pete) Seeeger (1919-2014)

Pete Seeger blev født 3. maj 1919 i New York, og har siden 30’erne - 7 årtier - været en af de ledende folkesangere, sangskrivere og ført og fremmest aktivist, af arbejdskampe, borgerrettigheder, fredskamp og miljø. Pete Seeger døde i New York, 27. januar 2014.
Vi har samlet link til præsentation af Pete Seegers lange karriere.

Photo: Woody Guthries guitar was labeled "This machine kills fascists," Seeger’s banjo: "This Machine Surrounds Hate and Forces It to Surrender"

Pete Seeger was born May 3 in New York, and has for 7 decays since the late 30ties been one of the leading folk singers, song writers, but first and foremost the activist, involved in labour and left, civil rights, peace movement and environment issues.
We have compiled links to illustrate is long and outstanding carreer.
Compiler: Jørgen Lund
April 2009

"Folk music and civil-rights icon Pete Seeger brought his brand of straight-Talking .. political activism to "The Johnny Cash Show" on March 4, 1970. ..(they) rip through the Grand-Ole-Opry-friendly classic American singalong folk tune "Worried Man Blues."


Seeger, Pete (
Pete Seeger ( Kortere intro.
Pete Seeger + The Weevers (
Pete Seeger ( Lidt større tekst på norsk bokmål.
Pete Seeger ( Lidt længere svensk.
Håbets sanger er død: Pete Seeger 1919-2014. Af Peter Rasmussen (, 28. januar 2014)
Pris og undskyldning til Pete Seeger (Kommunisterne, 2009)

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- See obituaries etc. on your page: Peter (Pete) Seeger (1919-2014)

The Clearwater Concert Artists subject to change. A benefit concert in celebration of Pete Seeger’s 90th Birthday
Pete Seeger Appreciation Site (site)
Biography - Discography - Videography - Biblography - Songs - Articles -

Search for videos on for Pete Seegers 90’th year birthday.
Pete Seeger ( with discography etc.
Pete Seeger (History Department at the University of San Diego)
The longest link in the chain. By Mahir Ali (ZNet, May 06, 2009)
Pete Seeger: Elder statesman of topical song. By Pietro Nano (ZNet, May 03, 2009)
Pete Seeger: Ain’t no one like him. By Studs Terkel (The Nation, May 16, 2005)
Pete Seeger’s last war. By David Hajdu (Mother Jones, September/October 2004)
How can I keep from singing?. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers (Acoustic Guitar Magazine, No. 115, July 2002). Pete Seeger looks back at a life of stories and songs - and ahead to the next verse.
Se also:
Articles (1939-2007) (on Pete Seeger Appreciation Site above)
Political song in America in the thirties and sixties. By Peter Burton (Workers’ Liberty, 9 February 2014)
Testimony of Pete Seeger before the House Un-American Activities Committee, August 18, 1955. byBohica (Daily Kos, Jan 28, 2014)

Almanac Singers 1940-41 (All Music)
Pete Seegers talks about The Almanac Singers, etc. (2006) Video (, 13:46 min.)
The Songs of the Almanac Singers (Woody Guthrie)
Almanac Singers (
I Don’t Want Your Millions
The Union Maid (
Jarama Valley Spanish Civil War song from the Lincoln Brigade
Billy Boy. Anti war song from before June 1941
The Sinking of the Reuben James by The Kingston Trio
(No Almanac recording online.) A pro US war song after June 1941
The Weavers 1948-52 + 1955-58 (All Music)
Weavers Reunion by Jim Capaldi (Pete Seeger Appreciation Site)
So Long (It’s Been Good To Know Yuh - The Weavers (YouTube)
Union Miners
Solidarity Forever
Irene Goodnight (The Weavers close their historic re-union concert with Irene; introduction by Lee Hayes)

Foto: Pete Seeger at age 88 photographed on 6-16-07 at the Clearwater Festival 2007 by Anthony Pepitone


Click to hear some of Pete Seeger’s most famous songs, his own classics (marked *), other peoples songs and traditional tunes:
Pete Seeger Live in Australia 1963, melbourne, 1963. (dvd) in 24 parts (search September 2010 on "a beautifully filmed 105-minute concert showcasing one of the most provocative figures in music history. In 1963 Pete Seeger, blacklisted and barred from American television, fled the persecution of his homeland and embarked on a 10-month world tour.."

Song for Joe Doe (with Almanac Singers)
Pete Seeger shows how to play "Skip to my Lou" on the banjo
Living in the Country (guitar)
We Shall Overcome (, 4:47 min.). Læs om sangen på - og hør Martin Luther King fortælle om sangen på (2:27 min.)
Colours: Donovan and Pete Seeger live and acoustic (5:02 min.) "great job on the banjo".
Tom Paxton and Pete Seeger "Ramblin’ Boy" 1965 (5:35 min.) På
Which Side are You On. Om sangen på Lyrics, with intro by Seeger.
What Did You Learn in School Today?
- * Turn, Turn, Turn. On
- * If I had a hammer (= The Hammer Song). On
Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around
- * Where have all the flowers gone + with Peter, Paul & Mary +
- and finally: This Land is Your Land - Pete Seeger and Bruce Springsteen at the inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial] (YouTube, 5:19 min.), on, version: Woody Guthrie

"Pete Seeger became the oldest person to perform publicly as part of Barack Obama’s inauguration festivities. Singing the "greatest song about America ever written" (Bruce Springsteen’s words) before 500,000 people and tens of millions more on television, the 89-year old legend crooned two little-known verses of his friend Woody Guthrie’s 1940 patriotic standard, "This Land is Your Land" — one about Depression-era poverty, the other about trespassing on private property — restoring the song to its former glory over the sanitized version that ruled for so many years." (The Nation, 01/20/2009)

’This Land Is Your Land’ Like Woody Wrote It (Roer Hollander Blog, January 21, 2009). See also about the text: This Land Is Your Land (God Blessed America) (History Department at the University of San Diego)

On July 26, 1956, the House of Representatives voted 373 to 9 to cite Pete Seeger and seven others (including playwright Arthur Miller) for contempt, as they failed to cooperate with House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) in their attempts to investigate alleged subversives and communists. Pete Seeger testified before the HUAC in 1955. In one of Pete’s darkest moments, when his personal freedom, his career, and his safety were in jeopardy, a flash of inspiration ignited this song. The song was stirred by a passage from Mikhail Sholokhov’s novel "And Quie Flows the Don". Around the world the song traveled and in 1962 at a UNICEF concert in Germany, Marlene Dietrich, Academy Award-nominated German-born American actress, first performed the song in French, as "Qui peut dire ou vont les fleurs?" Shortly after she sang it in German. The song’s impact in Germany just after WWII was shattering. It’s universal message, "let there be peace in the world" did not get lost in its translation. To the contrary, the combination of the language, the setting, and the great lyrics has had a profound effect on people all around the world. May it have the same effect today and bring renewed awareness to all that hear it.

See also:
The music of Labor: from movement to culture. By Michael L. Richmond (Union Songs)
"This Machine kills fascists" - Woody Guthrie - 100 år. Linkbox (Modkraft Biblioteket)
Springsteens ’Born in the USA’ fylder 25 år. Af Christian Christensen (Socialistisk Information, 15.05.09)
Why Springsteen is right to revisit Pete Seeger’s folk music. Review by Alistair Hulett (Socialist Worker, Issue 2000, 13 May 2006)
Springsteen polishes his roots. First impressions of ’We Shall Overcome: the Seeger Sessions’. By Cathrine Ann Cullen and Harry Browne (CounterPunch, April 22/23, 2006)
We Shall Overcome. Dave Marsh on a new album by Bruce Springsteen (Socialist Worker, US, issue 589, May 19, 2006)
Pete Seeger: fighting back with music. By Tom Bridges (Green Left Weekly, Issue 318, 20 May 1998)
Subject Index: Music (link collections on the subject)

Tens of thousands of rose-waving Norwegians gathered in central Oslo Thursday to deride mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik by singing a song he hates, viewing it as Marxist indoctrination. Some 40,000 people, according to police, massed in the rain at a square near the Oslo district courthouse where Breivik is on trial for his July 22 attacks that killed 77 people, to sing "Children of the Rainbow" by Norwegian folk singer Lillebjoern Nilsen. Inside the court, the 33-year-old accused right-wing extremist sat listening without showing emotion to powerful testimony from survivors of his bloodbath on the ninth day of his trial.
Norsk text af Lillebjørn Nilsen
Song edition with Donovan (Seegers text scroll down)

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Gaia: tidsskrift for international solidaritet (nr.81, forår 2017, 31 s.). Kvartalstidsskrift online med artikler om Trump og nyliberalismen, Etiopien, Cuba, Filippinerne, Israel og Columbia.

Against the Current (Issue 188, May-June 2017). Amerikansk socialistisk tidsskrift online med artikler bl.a. om Trumps politik, Latinamerikas højredrejning, Den Russiske Revolution og arbejderdemokrati + mange boganmeldelser.

Kritisk Debat (17. april 2017). Online med 16 artikler, bl.a. om Socialdemokraterne og højrepopulismen, Latinamerika, Frankrig, Indien, samt en længere artikel af Göran Therborn om ulighedens dynamik (fra New Left Review).

International Socialism (Issue 154, Spring 2017, 223 p.). Britisk kvartalstidsskrift online med artikler bl.a om Donald Trump og den neoliberalistiske verdensorden, antisemitisme og højrefløjen, den russiske revolution og Lenins April-teser, klasseanalyse, Frantz Fanon, Engels og menneskets forhistorie + boganmeldelser.

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