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Against hte Current
- Norman Finkelstein: Palestine: The truth about 1948 (Issue 15, July/August 1988). Review of Simha Flapan’s The Birth of Israel: Myths and Realities (Pantheon Books, 1987)
"In some 250 densely argued pages, Flapan, former national secretary of Israel’s Mapam party, demolishes the version of Israel’s genesis enshrined in past scholarship and the popular media."

- Laura Woods: Khirbet Khizeh - A story from Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine (April 1, 2011). Review of S. Yizhar’s book (Granta, 2011, 128 p.)
"The first English translation of the classic novel of the Nakba, Khirbet Khizeh, has just been published by Granta. It is a powerful story of the real cost of the creation of the state of Israel." Dansk udgave: Khirbet Khizeh - Slagmark (Møller, 2016, 130 s.).

- Khalil Nakhleh: Al Nakba of 1948 (March 21, 2008)
"What is important, from my perspective as a Palestinian, is that there is a need to understand what happened to us in and around 1948; and why it happened the way it did; and what should we do to circumvent Al-Nakba from persisting into our future."

International Journal of Middle East Studies
- Avi Shlaim: The debate about 1948 (Vol. 27, No. 3, 1995, p. 287-304)
"Until recently the standard Zionist version of the events surrounding the birth of the State of Israel remained largely unchallenged outside the Arab world. The fortieth anniversary of the birth of the state, however, witnessed the publication of a number of books which challenged various aspects of the standard Zionist version."

Jews for Justice in the Middle East
The Origin of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict (2001)
"This paper outlines the history of Palestine to show how this process occurred and what a moral solution to the region’s problems should consist of."
Statehood and Expulsion 1948

Jewish Voice for Peace
Nakba Fact Sheet (pdf) (2005, 4 p.)
"Knowing the histories that made Israel a state and Palestinians dispossessed is critical to establishing a just and lasting peace that can truly be agreed upon by Palestinians and Israelis."

Journal of Palestine Studies
- Walid Khalidi: Plan Dalet revisited (pdf) (Vol.18, No.1, Autumn 1988, p.4-33)
"Some twenty-five years ago Professor Walid Khalidi published his article Plan Dalet: Master plan for the conquest of Palestine (Middle East Forum, July 1959). On the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the Palestine exodus, we asked him to take a second look at the article."
- Walid Khalidi: Why did the Palestinians leave, revisited (Winter 2005, p.42-54)
"Reprint for the first time of a difficult-to-obtain article published in July 1959 ... A general theme running through the Zionist account of the events between 1947 and 1948 is that orders were broadcast to the Arabs to leave the country in order to pave the way for entry of the regular Arab armies."
- Joel Beinin: Forgetfulness for memory: The limits of the new Israeli history (Winter 2005, p.6-23)
"Many believe that the ’new historians’ represent a revolution in Israeli intellectual life. However, the exclusion of Arab voices and sources of evidence, especially in the work of Benny Morris, limited the extent of that revolution and situates some of the new history close to traditional Zionist categories of knowledge."
- Norman Finkelstein: Myths, old and new (pdf) (Vol.21, No.1, Autumn 1991, p.66-89)
"In this essay I want to focus on the work of Benny Morris, a former diplomatic correspondent of the Jerusalem Post who received his doctorate from Cambridge University. Morris is the most influential and prolific of the ’new’ historians."
- Norman Finkelstein: Rejoinder to Benny Morris (Vol.21, No.2, Winter 1992, p.61-71). Only first page online.

The Link
- Ilan Pappe: What really happened 50 years ago? (pdf) (Vol.31, No.1, January-March, 1998)
"This issue’s feature article by Ilan Pappe, an historian at Haifa University, challenges Israel’s official account of what happened 50 years ago in Palestine. Dr. Pappe is one of a growing number of Israeli historians whose analyses of newly released documents by the U. S., England and Israel have led them to conclude that what really happened back then is far closer to what Palestinians have been saying all along."

Middle East Report
- Theme: Who paid the price: 50 years of Israel (Issue 207, Summer 1998)

The Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP)
- Joel Beinin and Lisa Hajjar: Palestine, Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict : A primer (2001)

Le Monde Diplomatique
- Dominique Vidal: The expulsion of the Palestinians re-examined: Ten years of research into the 1947-49 war (December 1997)
"Israel has always denied that [the Palestinians] were expelled, either forcibly or as a matter of policy. Israel’s new historians have been re-examining that denial and have put an end to a number of myths."

The Official Website of Ilan Pappé
The ethnic cleansing of Palestine (3 October 2006)
"Interview with Ilan Pappe at ZNet about his new book."
The history of Israel reconsidered: A Talk (March 8, 2006)
"On March 8, he spoke at a small colloquium in Tokyo organized by the NIHU Program Islamic Area Studies, University of Tokyo Unit, on the path of personal experiences that brought him to write his new book."
The ’48 Nakba & The Zionist quest for its completion (October 2002)
"This article is based upon the transcript of a lecture presented by Dr. Pappe to the Right To Return Coalition - Al Awda UK , held at the School for Oriental and African Studies in London."
Demons of the Nakbah (16-22 May 2002)
"Israel has long denied its responsibility for the events of 1948, the Nakbah , that forced the Palestinian population from Palestine at the point of Israeli guns. However, today when recognition of the wrongs done to the Palestinians in 1948 is finally dawning, many Israeli politicians are openly advocating a new ’Transfer Option’."

RS21: Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century
Village by village, town by town – how Zionists tried to destroy Palestine in 1948 (November 11, 2014)
"In the sixth and final part of his series on Zionism, imperialism and the Palestinians, Neil Rogall describes the Nakba – the establishment of the Israeli state and catastrophe for Palestine." With links to Part 1-5 in the series.

Socialist Worker (UK)
Israel - created by terrorism (Issue 2101, 17 May 2008)
"Sixty years since the Palestinians were expelled, Anne Alexander and John Rose examine the roots of the Israeli state."
Ilan Pappe on how Israel was founded on ethnic cleansing (Issue 2011, 29. juli 2006)
"Acclaimed anti-Zionist historian Ilan Pappe on Israel and the history of it’s destructive role in the Middle East."

The Spectator
- Erskine Childers: The other Exodus (May 12, 1961)
"Israel claims that the Arabs left because they were ordered to ... Examining every official Israeli statement about the Arab exodus, I was struck by the fact that no primary evidence of evacuation orders was ever produced. The charge, Israel claimed, was ’documented’; but where were the documents? There had allegedly been Arab radio broadcasts ordering the evacuation; but no dates„ names of stations, or texts of messages were ever cited."
See also:
- The Spectator Correspondence (Journal of Palestine Studies, Vol.18, No.1, Autumn 1988, p.51-70)
- Walid Khalidi: Plan Dalet revisited (pdf) (Journal of Palestine Studies, Vol.18, No.1, Autumn 1988, p.4-33)
- Walid Khalidi: Plan Dalet: Master plan for the conquest of Palestine (Middle East Forum, July 1959, pdf).

Wikipedia, , the free encyclopedia
1948 Palestinian exodus
Nakba Day
Causes of the 1948 Palestinian exodus
Plan Dalet


Al-Ahram Weekly
1948-2002 - The Nakbah continiues (Issue No.586, 16-22 May 2002)
Special issue with articles by Ilan Pappe, Salman Abu Sitta, Tikva Honig-Parnas and M Shahid Alam.
1948-1998 (1998)
"Special pages commemorating 50 years of Arab dispossession since the creation of the State of Israel." Compilation of articles and photographs, and with Chronology.

Deir Yassin Remembered
Deir Yassin Remembered was founded to do justice to the victims of the Deir Yassin Massacre: "Early in the morning of April 9, 1948, commandos of the Irgun (headed by Menachem Begin) and the Stern Gang attacked Deir Yassin, a village with about 750 Palestinian residents ... In all over 100 men, women, and children were systematically murdered."
See also the video Deir Yassin Remembered (32 min.).

The Electronic Intifada
- Tags: Nakba

Institute for Palestine Studies (IPS)
- Theme: 1948 : Sixty years on ...
"To commemorate Al Nakba, the Institute for Palestine Studies has compiled articles from past issues of its flagship Journal of Palestine Studies, and pulled out the carefully constructed maps and chronologies of events from some of its books."

1948 : Lest We Forget
Plan Dalet and the Nakba
With Maps.

Palestine Remembered, al-Nakba 1948-
"A comprehensive source of information about about the villages and cities that were ethnically cleansed, looted, and destroyed by the Israeli army."

"Zochrot carries out different projects to advance understanding of Nakba and Return. This website is one of those projects. The site presents information about the Palestinian localities that Israel destroyed in 1948 and about the Nakba’s place in our lives today."

Books in English

The Palestine Nakba : decolonising history, narrating the subaltern, reclaiming memory
By Nur Masalha (Zed Books, 2012, 296 p.)
Nur-eldeen Masalha (
Review by Bernard Regan (Red Pepper, June 2012)
See also books below by Nur Masalha (2003 + 1992)

1948: A history of the First Arab-Israeli War
By Benny Morris (Yale University Press, 2008, 544 p.)
"This history of the foundational war in the Arab-Israeli conflict is groundbreaking, objective, and deeply revisionist. A riveting account of the military engagements, it also focuses on the war’s political dimensions. Benny Morris probes the motives and aims of the protagonists on the basis of newly opened Israeli and Western documentation. The Arab side - where the archives are still closed - is illuminated with the help of intelligence and diplomatic materials."
Dr. Benny and Mr. Morris: The historian and the twisted politics of expulsion. By Roane Carey (CounterPunch, July 19/20, 2008)

The ethnic cleansing of Palestine
By Ilan Pappe (One World, 2006, 313 p.)
"The renowned Israeli historian revisits the formative period of the State of Israel. Between 1947 and 1949, over 400 Palestinian villages were deliberately destroyed, and civilians were massacred. This book unveils the hidden and systematic ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians in 1948, and its relevance to resolving the conflict."
Danish edition: Den etniske udrensning af Palæstina (Forlaget Klim, 2012)
Ethnic cleansing: Palestine reality. Review by Joel Finkel (Against the Current, No.139, March/April 2009)
Planning the terror that created Israel. Review by Mostafa Omar (International Socialist Review, Issue 57, January-February 2008)
The 1948 ethnic cleansing of Palestine (pdf). By Ilan Pappé (Journal of Palestine Studies, Autumn 2006, p.6-20)
Pappe and Israel’s new historians. By Kit Weiner (Against the Current, No.152, May-June 2011)
See also:
Ilan Pappe og bogen ’Den etniske udrensning af Palæstina’ (Modkraftdk/Tidsskriftcentret)

A history of modern Palestine : One land, two peoples
By Ilan Pappe. Second edition (Cambridge University Press, 2006, 384 p.)
"Ilan Pappe’s book traces the history of Palestine from the Ottomans in the nineteenth century, through the British Mandate, the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, and the subsequent wars and conflicts which have dominated this troubled region. The second edition of Pappe’s book has been updated to include the dramatic events of the 1990s and the early twenty-first century."
See the author’s site, with review of the book.

Image and reality of the Israel-Palestine conflict
By Norman Finkelstein. Second edition (Verso, 2003, xxxviii, 287 p.)
First published in 1995, this highly acclaimed study scrutinizes popular and scholarly representations of the Israel-Palestine conflict. It begins with a novel theoretical inter-pretation of Zionism, and then moves on to critically engage the influential studies of Joan Peters, Benny Morris, and Anita Shapira. Carefully rehearsing the documentary record, Finkelstein also challenges the dominant images of the June 1967 and October 1973 Arab-Israeli wars. In a comprehensive new introduction, he provides the most succinct overview available in the English language of the Israel-Palestine conflict ..."
See the author’s site +
Chapter 3: ’Born of war, not by design’ (p.51-87).
A critique of Benny Morris’ books. The chapter is from Journal of Palestine Studies.
See also Norman Finkelstein:
Myths, old and new (pdf) (Journal of Palestine Studies, Vol.21, No.1, Autumn 1991, p.66-89)
Rejoinder to Benny Morris (Journal of Palestine Studies, Vol.21, No.2, Winter 1992, p.61-71). Only first page online.

The politics of denial : Israel and the Palestinian refugee problem
By Nur Masalha (Pluto Press, 2003, 304 p.)
"The aim of this book is to analyze Israeli policies towards the Palestinian refugees as they evolved from the 1948 catastrophe (or nakba) to the present. Masalha discusses the 1948 exodus; Israeli resettlement schemes since 1948; Israeli approaches to compensation and restitution of property; Israeli refugee policies towards the internally displaced (’present absentees’); and Israeli refugee policies during the Madrid and Oslo negotiations."

The fateful triangle : The United States, Israel, and the Palestinians
By Noam Chomsky. Updated edition (Pluto Press, 1999, 587 p.)
"Since its original publication in 1983, Fateful Triangle has become a classic in the fields of political science and Middle East affairs. This new edition features new chapters and a new introduction by Noam Chomsky and a foreword by Edward Said."
See especially Chapter 4: Israel and Palestine : Historical backgrounds (pdf) (p.89-322)

All that remains : The Palestinian villages occupied and depopulated by Israel in 1948
Edited by Walid Khalidi (Washington, Institute for Palestine Studies, 1992, 636 p.)
"The culmination of nearly six years of research by more than thirty participants, this authoritative reference work describes in detail the more than 400 Palestinian villages that were destroyed and depopulated by Israeli military forces during the 1948 war."
Palestine: Destroyed villages, 1948 (Palestine-Net). Data from the book.

Expulsion of the Palestinians : The concept of ’Transfer’ in Zionist political thought, 1882-1948
By Nur Masalha (Washington, Institute for Palestine Studies, 1992, 236 p.)
"In this meticulous work, based almost entirely on Hebrew archival material, Nur Masalha examines the Zionist concept of ’transfer’, or the expulsion of the Palestinian population to neighboring Arab lands. Masalha establishes the extent to which ’transfer’ was embraced by the highest levels of Zionist leadership, including virtually all the Founding Fathers of the Israeli state."
- Extract: ’A miraculous clearing of the land?’: The Zionist concept of ’Transfer’ and the 1948 Exodus.
It can be done. Review by Avi Shlaim (London Review of Books, June 1994)
Så gør vi sådan, når vi flytter et folk... Review by Ian Gilmour (Palæstina Orientering, nr. 1, marts 1993)

1948 and after : Israel and the Palestinians
By Benny Morris (Oxford University Press, 1990, 284 p.)
"This collections of essays serves as complement to the study The birth of the Palestinian refugee problem, 1947-1949. In part, these essays are based on materials discovered after completing The Birth."
1948 and after; Israel and the Palestinians (
’1948 and After’ revisited (pdf). Review essay by Nur Masalha (Journal of Palestine Studies, Summer 1995, p.90-95)

The birth of the Palestinian refugee problem, 1947-49
By Benny Morris (Cambridge University Press, 1989, 380 p.)
"This book is the first full-lenght historical study of the birth of the Palestinian refugee problem. Based on recently declassified Israeli, British and American state and party political papers and on collections of hitherto untapped private papers ..."
- Roane Carey: Dr. Benny and Mr. Morris: The historian and the twisted politics of expulsion (CounterPunch, July 19/20, 2008)
- Joel Beinin: Forgetfulness for memory: The limits of the new Israeli history (Winter 2005, p.6-23)
- Joel Beinin: No more tears: Benny Morris and the road back from Liberal Zionism (Middle East Report, Issue 230, Spring 2004)
- Walid Khalidi: Why did the Palestinians leave, revisited (Journal of Palestine Studies, Winter 2005, p.42-54)
Debate in Journal of Palestine Studies (Issue 81, Autumn 1991):
- Norman Finkelstein: Myths, old and new (pdf) (p.66-89)
- Nur Masalha: A critique of Benny Morris (pdf) (p.90-97)
- Benny Morris: Responses to Finkelstein and Masalha (p.98-114)
- Norman Finkelstein: Rejoinder to Benny Morris (pdf) (Issue 82, Winter 1992, p.61-71)

Blaming the victims : Spurious scholarship and the Palestinian question
Edited by Edward W. Said and Christopher Hitchens (Verso, 1988/2001, 304 p.)
"Blaming the Victims demonstrates with cold precision how the consistent denial of truth about the Palestinians by governments and the media in the West ... Contributors include Norman G. Finkelstein, Peretz Kidron, Noam Chomsky, G. W. Bowerstock, Ibrahim Abu-Loghod, Rashid Khalidi, Janet L. Abu-Lughod, Muhammed Hallaj, and Elia Zureik."
Blaming the Victims (

The birth of Israel : Myths and realities
By Simha Flapan (Pantheon, 1987, 277 p.)
"The Israeli author demolishes, based on irrefutable Israeli sources, the seven basic myths upon which an aggressive Israel has depicted itself as the victim of aggression ... The most egregious of the seven delusions is that 750,000 Palestinians fled their homes in 1948-1949 in response to calls from their leaders, who asked them to get out of the way temporarily while the Jews were driven into the sea. Flapan poignantly concedes that he, like most Israelis, accepted this and the other six myths as the core of Israel’s self-perception."
From the Introduction: Israel’s birth myths (p.8-10)
The Palestinian Exodus of 1948 (pdf). By Simha Flapan (Journal of Palestine Studies, Summer 1987, p.3-26))
Palestine : The truth about 1948. By Norman Finkelstein (Against the Current, no.15, july/august 1988)
The 1948 Arab invasion of Israel deconstructed. By Ronald Bleier (Lies of Our Times, February 1993)

The Palestinian catastrophe : The 1948 expulsion of a people from their homeland
By Michael Palumbo (Quartet Books, 1987, 233 p.)
"Using newly discovered material from archives in United States, Europe and Israel as well as the documented testimony of the Jewish veterans, Michael Palumbo reveals how the Zionists carried out Ben Gurion’s plan to ’expel the Arabs and take their place’."
Chapter 1: Land without a people (p.1-33)

From haven to conquest : Readings in Zionism and the Palestine problem until 1948
Edited by Walid Khalidi (Washington, DC, Institute for Palestine Studies, 1971/1987, 914 p.)
"Now a classic in its field, From Haven to Conquest is a unique ‎ compendium of difficult-to-obtain or out-of-print material on ‎Zionism and the history of Palestine from ancient times until 1948."
See Table of contents.
- Special feature: Plan Dalet revisited (pdf). By Walid Khalidi (Journal of Palestine Studies, Autumn 1988, p.3-37)

AL NAKBA: The Palestinian Catastrophe 1948
(58 min. documentary, Israel-Germany-The Netherlands, 1997)
"Arguably the first film that seriously tackles the historic events that lead to the creation of 750.000 Palestinian refugees at the end of the first Israeli-Arab war of 1948. Based on historian Benny Morris’ book ’The birth of the Palestinian refugee problem, 1947-49’."


Gaia: tidsskrift for international solidaritet (nr.81, forår 2017, 31 s.). Kvartalstidsskrift online med artikler om Trump og nyliberalismen, Etiopien, Cuba, Filippinerne, Israel og Columbia.

Against the Current (Issue 188, May-June 2017). Amerikansk socialistisk tidsskrift online med artikler bl.a. om Trumps politik, Latinamerikas højredrejning, Den Russiske Revolution og arbejderdemokrati + mange boganmeldelser.

Kritisk Debat (17. april 2017). Online med 16 artikler, bl.a. om Socialdemokraterne og højrepopulismen, Latinamerika, Frankrig, Indien, samt en længere artikel af Göran Therborn om ulighedens dynamik (fra New Left Review).

International Socialism (Issue 154, Spring 2017, 223 p.). Britisk kvartalstidsskrift online med artikler bl.a om Donald Trump og den neoliberalistiske verdensorden, antisemitisme og højrefløjen, den russiske revolution og Lenins April-teser, klasseanalyse, Frantz Fanon, Engels og menneskets forhistorie + boganmeldelser.

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Michael Robert - blogging from a Marxist economist
"First-rate Marxist political economy, deployed for both analysis and polemic, lucidly explained and supported by illuminating graphs and tables."

Marxist books on the global financial crisis and capitalism
Linkbox med et udvalg af nyere marxistiske bøger på engelsk. Med anmeldelser, debat og interviews - og nye bøger (2016) af Michael Roberts og Anwar Shaikh.

Radical economic theories of the current economic crisis (pdf, 23 sider)
Union of Radical Political Economics, sommerkonference 2012.
Med bidrag fra Steve Keen, Andrew Kliman, David M. Kotz, Arthur MacEwan, Fred Moseley, Thomas I. Palley, Jack Rasmus, Michael Roberts, Anwar Shaikh og Richard Wolff.


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Ingen ledere, ingen vold

28. februar | Hvad indebærer begrebet om en mangfoldighed af taktikker for Occupy Wall Street? Således spørger Nathan Schneider, der selv er med i bevægelsen, i den nye bog »Vi er de 99%«.

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Folkedrabets moralske historie

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Assad-regimets krig mod egen befolkning

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»Tom« har forladt os


Af Camilla Tved

10 gode grunde til at se ”10 timer til Paradis”

19. februar | Den meget omtalte og roste spillefilmsdebut fra Mads Mathiesen gør det nemt for publikum. Læs her hvorfor en af QueerKrafts anmeldere blev blød i knæene og nu ønsker sig en (...)

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Queerfeministisk antiracistisk kritik

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Anders Behring Breivik og kampen om forklaringen

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Arabiske kvinders kamp i skyggen af islamisternes valgsejre


Af Ulrikke Moustgaard, Kvinfo

»Kønskvoter styrker konkurrenceevnen«

27. februar | Direktøren i det norske Finansnæringens Arbeidsgiverforening mener, at kønskvoter er det bedste, der er sket for Norges globale konkurrencedygtighed.

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Faglig énmandshær er død

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Støt de græske stålarbejdere

19. februar
Lønarbejderne skal tilbage til centrum-venstre!


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Løb i varmen

27. februar | Mens vi udfordres af februarkulden, har løbere sat hinanden i stævne nær Tindouf i Algeriet. Deres udfordring er varmen og 42,195 kilometers løb gennem ørkenen.

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Kontrafon: fra Nørrebros undergrund til P3

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KODA freder YouTube

22. februar
Piratradio på standby af frygt for myndighederne


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29. februar | 10:40

Af Elizabeth Japsen

Avantgardisten Holberg anno 1721 og 8 marts

28. februar | 09:23

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Af Karen Helveg Petersen

»De faktiske forhold i jernindustrien…«

27. februar | 17:01

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Af Søren Søndergaard


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Af Henrik Chulu

Digitalt forår

27. februar | 01:22

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Af Lise Jonassen

Vi er ikke svage - vi har bare ikke arbejde

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Stop ACTA nu Demonstration 25-02-2012

Billeder fra demoen mod ACTA lørdag d. 25/2-2012

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