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Tony Cliff Bibliography by Ian Birchall

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Socialist Review - series two

(1978 -)

No. 1, April 1978 pp. 12-15: Where do we go from here? Interview with Alex Callinicos; analysis of state of labour movement before development of ‘downturn’ thesis.

1981:1, January-February p. 36 [Tony Cliff interviewed by Simon Turner]: T is for Trotsky the hero who had to take all of the blame Contribution to back-page series ‘The Socialist ABC’

1981:4, April-May p. 29: contribution to SWP National Committee discussion on failure to resist Linwood closure. Downturn not an excuse for passivity; need to relate to minority.

1982:6, May-June pp. 18-19: You can’t have a rank & file movement if the factories are empty’ Reasons for winding up the rank and file movement.

No 53, April 1983 pp. 3-5: Building in the downturn Extracts of speech to SWP National Committee.

No. 55, June 1983 pp. 16-19: Prologue to an upturn Speech to SWP National Committee; small revival of industrial struggle.

No 58 (misnumbered 57), October 1983 pp. 5-7: The charge of the right brigade Speech to SWP National Committee on TUC move to right.

January 1985 Issue 1 (No. 72) pp. 15-17: 1905 Eightieth anniversary of 1905 revolution in Russia.

No. 76, May 1985 p. 34: Letter: In Defence of Lenin Response to book review by Colin Sparks (‘Lenin and the patriots’ in SR2, No. 75, April 1985, pp. 28-9) which had made criticisms of Lenin’s positions during World War I.

No. 85, March 1986 pp. 32-3: Unclear pictures Review of HA Clegg, A History of British Trade Unions since 1899, Vol. II, 1911 35, OUP. Praise for Clegg’s ‘impeccable scholarship’.

No. 86, April 1986 pp. 17-20: The state of struggle today [W2] Interview with Lindsey German; balance of forces at time of Wapping print dispute; need to be realistic.

No. 88, June 1986 pp. 20-22: Another tale of betrayal Career of Stafford Cripps used as a means of criticising modern Labour left.

No. 100, July/August 1987 pp. 14-19: Fifty-Five Years a Revolutionary [ASR2] Interview with Alex Callinicos and Lindsey German; review of life on occasion of seventieth birthday.

No. 101, September 1987 pp. 18-22: The working class and the oppressed From speech at Marxism 87.

No. 102, October 1987 p. 34: Letter: Where are the Workers? Response to article on South Korea by Nigel Harris in SR 101(September 1987, p. 10), criticising Harris for neglecting Korean working class and opening door to popular frontism.

No. 107, March 1988 pp. 17-20: In fighting mood Interview on current balance of class forces.

No. 113, October 1988 pp. 10-11: Dark Clouds and Silver Linings Speech to SWP National Committee analysing ‘new mood’ of hostility to Thatcher.

No. 126, December 1989 pp. 11-14: Earthquake in the East [ASR2] Extract from recent speech; continuing crisis in Eastern bloc. p.26: report of speech at SWP Conference. Individual non-payment cannot defeat poll tax.

No. 133, July/August 1990 pp. 19-20: ‘The revolution changed to a sword the pen of its best publicist’ Extracts from volume two of Trotsky, The Sword of the Revolution.

No. 135, October 1990 pp. 15-18: The Struggle in the Middle East [W1] Edited and shortened version of The Struggle in the Middle East (1967) [see section A]

No. 145, September 1991 pp. 10-11: Balance of powerlessness Crisis in Russia continues after failure of August coup.

No. 183, February 1995 pp. 16-19: In the balance [W2] [Online] Revival of industrial struggle with signal workers’ victory.

No. 202, November 1996 pp. 9-11: Labour’s crisis and the revolutionary alternative [Online] Interview with Chris Nineham; perspectives for SWP in run-up to 1997 election.

No. 209, June 1997 pp. 9-11: Change is going to come - but how? [W2] [Online] Speech to SWP national meeting on illusions and contradictions in consciousness after Blair victory.

No. 219, May 1998 pp. 20-22: The Jews, Israel and the Holocaust [W1] [Online] Roots of Zionism; need for working-class revolution in Arab states to resolve Palestinian question.

No. 221, July/August 1998 pp. 20-21: The test of time [Online] Theory of state capitalism proved correct by history.

No. 241, May 2000 pp. 16-20: Nothing So Romantic [Online] Interview with Nicolas Walter from Idiot International (June 1970) reprinted on occasion of Cliff’s death.

No. 260, February 2002 pp. 12-13: 1972: A Great Year for the Workers [Online] Reprinted from SW 6 January 1973


International Socialism - series two

(1978 -) Online: International Socialism (Series 2). CONTENTS BY ISSUE. (July 1978 – Spring 1991) At Encyclopedia of Trotskyism | Marxists’ Internet Archive.

No. 6: Autumn 1979 pp. 1-50: ‘The balance of class forces in recent years’ [W2]. Online: Marxists Internet Archive.. Said to be extract from forthcoming book ‘The Employers’ Offensive and the Fight Back’. Analyses extent of workers’ retreat, the ‘downturn’. A response - though not explicitly - to Steve Jeffreys ‘Striking into the 80s’ in IS 5.

No 13: Summer 1981 pp. 29-72: ‘Clara Zetkin and the German Socialist Feminist Movement’. Some of this forms chapter 5 of Women and the Struggle for Socialism (1984; online: The socialist women’s movement in Germany; Marxists Internet Archive) but also contains much additional material not in book. See also polemics by Juliet Ash and Janet Vaux in IS2 14 pp. 120-27, showing how this relates to internal debate in SWP on women’s organisation.

No 14: Autumn 1981 pp 75-104: ‘Alexandra Kollontai: Russian Marxist and Women Workers’. Substantially the same as chapter 6 of Women and the Struggle for Socialism, but contains additional material.

No 29: Summer 1985 pp. 3-61: ‘Patterns of mass strike’. 1984-85 miners’ strike in historical context.

No 31: Spring 1986 pp. 69-111: ‘The Tragedy of AJ Cook’ Although it is never made explicit, this article is clearly a response to Paul Foot’s pamphlet An Agitator of the Worst Type (SWP, January 1986, based on a talk at the Skegness Rally, Easter 1985). Foot is much more sympathetic to Cook. The parallels with Scargill are unstated but obvious.

No 55: Summer 1992 pp 65-76: [Lindsey German & Peter Morgan] ‘The prospects for socialists - an interview with Tony Cliff.’ 1992 election and underlying class relations.

No 80: Autumn 1998 pp 53-70: ‘Revolution and counter-revolution: lessons for Indonesia’ [W1] [Online] Historical analogies for Indonesian revolution.


Internal Bulletins, circulars etc.

Period prior to Formation of Socialist Review group:

On the Irresponsible Handling of the Palestine Question [Online] From Revolutionary Communist Party, Internal Bulletin, no date but early 1947.

All that glitters is not gold [NWNM] Revolutionary Communist Party Internal Document, September 1947 Polemic against Germain (Mandel), arguing that there is currently a boom in Britain.

The Nature of Stalinist Russia. Internal Bulletin Revolutionary Communist Party June 1948 Translated by C Dallas

Marxism and the theory of bureaucratic collectivism ( 24 pp. duplicated document - no date [1948]) Translated by C Dallas [NWNM] Reprinted in IS1 32 and in The Fourth International, Stalinism and the Origins of the International Socialists (1971) [See section A]

[No name]: On the class nature of the people’s democracies (39 pp. duplicated document July 1950) Reprinted in The Fourth International, Stalinism and the Origins of the International Socialists (1971) [See section A] [NWNM]

Socialist Review Group:

The Socialist Platform Library has minutes of various SR group meetings 1950-52. These include various contributions and resolutions by ‘RT’ (= Roger Tennant, Cliff’s pseudonym.

International Socialists

International Socialism Internal Bulletin

IS Internal Bulletin, January 1963 [TC]: Cuba More or less the same as Section 3 [Castro’s Revlution] of "Permanent Revolution (IS 12) [Online: Marxists Internet Archive] [Rich. MS 1117/box 22/file 5]

A Socialist Survey [No date or number - No 1 c March 1963] contains a reply by SJ [Sergio Junco = Sam Farber] to ‘the analysis of Cuban events which T.C. recently wrote for this bulletin’. I am unable to trace the bulletin in which this appeared. [NOT SEEN]

IS Bulletin No 7, 22 October 1965 p. 1: report by Tony Cliff n visit t varius branches in North f England.

IS Bulletin No 8 5 December 1965 pp. 1-2: report by TC on visit to various branches in North of England. pp. 8-15: [unsigned, in name of NC:] Document entitled "Metroplitan Countries" [c February 1979] Apparently drafted by Cliff. ONe of the three documents on metropolitan countries, Stalin states and the Third World produced for 1970 confernce. Some passaes taken verbatim from "On Perspectives" (IS1 36).

Undated [c. February 1970] pp. 8-15: [unsigned, in name of NC]: Document entitled ‘Metropolitan Countries’ Apparently drafted by Cliff. One of three documents, on metropolitan countries, Stalinist states and Third World, produced for 1970 conference. Some passages taken verbatim from ‘On perspectives’ (IS1 36)

Undated (Autumn 1971) (Special bulletin before December 1971 conference to exclude Workers’ Fight) pp. 10-12: For the Record Defence of IS position on troops in Ireland in August 1969 against Workers’ Fight criticisms.

June 1971 pp. 6-7: [Tony Cliff & Chris Harman]: Theses on the Common Market for June National Committee Argues for dropping previous abstentionist position and voting in TUs for opposition to Common Market. (Adopted by June NC)

January 1973 pp. 18-20: [Tony Cliff & Andreas Nagliatti]: Main Features of the Programme We Need Contribution to debate on draft programme for annual conference

IS Bulletin May/June 1973 pp. 3-5: On Recruitment Pssibility of quick recruitment; Need for sales inside factories.

Undated June 1973 pp. 3-4: [Tony Cliff & John Charlton]: Further Remarks on Recruitment Yorkshire experience; batch recruitment and public meetings.

April 1974 pp. 3-4: The Use of Socialist Worker as a an organiser [NWNM] Argues that buyers of SW should become sellers

Undated [May 1974] p. 3: Introduction to ‘Organisation Perspectives’ Argues audience is mainly younger workers without traditions; need for Organisation Commission to examine restructuring of organisation. pp. 8-9: The way ahead for IS Factory branches, SW a workers’ paper, worker leadership.

Internal Bulletin November 1976 The rle of Socailist Worker (dcument submittet to SW Organisers Conference).

No 1: February 1977 [Tony Cliff & Duncan Hallas]: The devolution referenda Advocates abstention in Scottish and Welsh referenda.

No. 6 [undated. 1979] p. 4: [Tony Cliff & Jack Robertson: The Future of Socialist Worker How to improve industrial coverage in post-ANL period.

Pre-conference Bulletin No 2, 1994 pp. 8-12: Why do we need a revolutionary party? Transcript of talk at Marxism 94.

Spring 2000 pp. 20-21: [Tony Cliff & Alex Callinicos]: Letter to ISO (20 February 2000) p. 22: [Tony Cliff & Alex Callinicos]: Letter to ISO Steering Committee (23 February 2000) pp 40-41: [Tony Cliff & Alex Callinicos]: Letter to ISO Steering Committee (20 March 2000) pp 41-47: [Tony Cliff & Alex Callinicos]: Letter to ISO Steering Committee (29 March 2000). Polemic with ISO (US) re inadequate response to Seattle and anti-capitalist movement.

International Socialists: Minutes of leading committees

IS Working Committee Minues, 4 July 1964 Cliff on two traps: Labour Party cretinism and Open Party [Rich MS 1117/box 209/file 6]

Minutes of an ISEC 19-9-64 [The ‘EC’ was in fact a quarterly delegate meeting] p. 2: Intervention by TC YS ‘no longer a horizon of growth’; turn to industry.

[NOTE: From 1969 to 1975 IS had a National Committee (NC) elected by conference and meeting monthly, and a London-based Executive Committee (EC) elected by the NC and meeting weekly. For most of this period minutes of both bodies were circulated to the membership, at times as part of the Internal Bulletin.]

IS Northern Weekend School 38.3.65 Discussion n building organisation Cliff on experiment, Young Guard, etc. [MS 1117/box 221/file 1].

ISEC - 10-11 April 1965 Cliff: International Socialism "The most important journal of the group". [Rich. MS 1117/box 22/file 1].

EC Minutes 23.2.1970 TC reports speaking tour by himself and Chris Davison to promote Employers’ Offensive.

NC minutes 22 August 1970 p. 4 Report on Pilkington dispute; need to oppose breakaway unions and for IS to have more centralised industrial intervention.

EC minutes 12.5.69 p. 2: Interventions by TC arguing that LSE students should ‘fight to the end’, and that Socialist Worker should become 6-page, with middle two pages ‘devoted top theory’.

NC minutes 19 December 1970 p. 1: TC report: January 12th Preparing for TUC day of protest against Tory anti-union laws on 12 January.

NC minutes 27 February 1971 pp. 1-2: TC intervention re fighting Tories.

NC minutes 10 July 1971 (in Internal Bulletin July 1971) pp. 1-2: TC report: IS and the Labour Party How IS should relate to LP in TUs and in recruitment.

NC minutes 14 August 1971 (in Internal Bulletin August 1971) p. 3: TC intervention re Upper Clyde Shipbuilders occupation Warns of dangers of demoralisation p. 5: TC intervention re Ireland Weakness of left in North; suggests that ‘Irish comrades go home’.

NC minutes October 1971 (in special Internal Bulletin of Discussion material for 4 December Conference p. 3: TC intervention - why Trotskyist Tendency should be excluded. Opening of debate culminating in exclusion of ‘Workers’ Fight’ grouping.

NC minutes 11 December 1971 (in December 1971 Internal Bulletin) p. 4: TC intervention in education discussion. Need for worker-intellectuals; role of cadre schools.

NC minutes March [1972] p. 3: TC on downturn after miners’ strike.

NC minutes 12 August 1972 p. 4: TC on rightward move of Communist Party in docks dispute.

NC minutes November [1972] p. 6: TC on Tory freeze and split consciousness

EC minutes 11 December 1972 p. 2: TC on rise of National Front. Argues conditions for a fascist movement not present

NC minutes 10 March 1973 pp. 1-2: TC introduction on ‘The Freeze and the TUC’ pp. 4-5: TC intervention re parliamentary elections - against candidates at this stage.

EC minutes 26 March 1973 p. 2: TC intervention - to oppose National Front IS must call for Labour vote.

EC minutes 2 April 1973 pp. 1-2, 4: TC introduction and summing up on ‘Proposed United Front with the CP’ Long-term perspective - overtake CP over 2-3 years.

EC minutes 9 April 1973 pp. 1-2: TC introduction on ‘Political Perspectives’ Inflation and TU bureaucracy retreat will mean large unofficial strikes.

NC minutes April [1973] pp. 2-3, 5: TC introduction and conclusion on ‘Political Perspectives’ Short downturn in struggle; need to recruit; preparing united front strategy towards CP.

EC minutes 8 May 1973 p. 1: TC introduction on ‘Recruitment’ Unevenness in organisation; need to recruit quickly in present period.

NC minutes May [1973] pp 1-3: TC report on recruitment Stress on recruiting workers in bunches and not as individuals. (Appended) [Andreas Nagliatti & Tony Cliff]: Birmingham Commission Report to May NC Proposals for district reorganisation to deal with problems caused by Left Faction.

EC minutes 28 May 1973 pp. 2-3: TC interventions on improving London organisation and introducing flat rate subs.

EC minutes 25 June 1973 pp. 3, 4-5: TC interventions about recruitment Argues worker members should be encouraged to recruit fellow workers.

EC minutes 30 July 1973 pp. 2, 4, 5: TC on need for International Socialism to relate to needs of present membership. Discussion with Mike Kidron, at that time about to take on editorship of journal (he did not in fact do so).

NC minutes October [1973] pp. 1-2: TC introduction on ‘Phase 3: Perspectives New stage of Tory incomes policy; preparing for IS Manchester rally on 11 November.

NC minutes November [1973] pp. 1-2, 3: TC report and conclusion on ‘Political Perspectives’ Deep crisis caused by miners; ‘we must put politics forward more’ There is a somewhat different report of these speeches in ‘National Secretary’s Report’ dated 27 November 1973. pp. 5, 7: TC interventions on rank-and-file conference and recruiting black workers.

NC minutes December [1973] p. 3: TC intervention in ‘Political Perspectives’ discussion Problems of generalising in current crisis.

NC minutes April [1974] pp. 5-6, 8: TC introduction and conclusion on ‘Socialist Worker’ Most readers are young workers without traditions; we need workers’ paper not paper for workers. Debate led to removal of Roger Protz as SW editor.

NC minutes 30 May [1974] p. 2: TC introduction and conclusion re ‘Threshold/Incomes Policy’ Prospect of new incomes policy based on threshold agreements

NC minutes July 1974 p. 3: TC intervention defending Steve Jefferys’ Industrial Perspectives document against reference back moved by Andreas Nagliatti.


Factory Branches [W2] International Socialists, no date [1973], 22 pp Published in summer of 1973 for first Factory Branches conference in September 1973; IS formed factory branches following conference decision in March 1973. Miscellaneous Documents and Circulars 20 June 1968 Notes on Democratic Centralism [NWNM] Arguing for transition to a democratic centralist structure, finally agreed December 1968.

December 1969 Some Preliminary Notes on Perspectives for Western Capitalism. 5 pp. Document for NC December 1969

July 1970 p. 1: [Tony Cliff and Duncan Hallas] Introduction to ‘Organizational Notes 1’ This was a four-page duplicated bulletin with reports on selling The Employers’ Offensive and the teachers’ fraction. I know of no further issues; it was probably subsumed into the Internal Bulletin.

[March] 1971 [T Cliff, D Hallas, C Harman]: The Current Situation and Immediate Perspectives in Industry and the Unions Document for 1971 Easter conference on strategy in trade unions following defeat of postal strike.

22 June 1972 Suggestions re Autumn/Winter Campaign Proposals for party-building campaign in late 1972.

Undated [July 1972] [JH (Jim Higgins) & TC]: Security Response to fears of repression during industrial conflicts of 1972. Various measures to minimise circulation of names and addresses.

22 August 1972 IS Building Workers Group 4-page document for IS Building Workers Conference, 2 September 1972, at time of strikes during which Shrewsbury pickets were arrested.

January 1973 Letter to members of ATTI and AUT requesting donation of £100 to Fighting Fund.

Undated (probably Spring 1973) Letter to I Birchall and D Hallas re drafting of programme after 1973 conference.

4 May 1973 Branch Circular [73/83] re procedures for reporting membership to centre Cliff was at this point Membership Secretary of IS.

19 September 1973 Branch Circular 73/124 Request to branches for membership information.

20 December 1973 [Tony Cliff, Jim Nichol, Dave Peers] Financial appeal To members in various white-collar unions, asking all earning over £2000 a year to donate £100.

16 May 1974 Letter asking for information and suggestions for Organisation Commission. The Organisation Commission was established following heated May NC which brought out deep divisions in organisation.

3 June 1974 Letter apparently to members of Organisation Commission asking for suggestions.

9 June [1974] Notes of Organisation Commission discussion Contains many comments by TC

11 June 1974 Circular to branches requesting statistics on membership for Organisation Commission.

13 June 1974 Covering letter sent out with minutes of first Organisation Commission meeting.

23 June [1974] Notes of Organisation Commission discussion 23 June [1974] Contains many comments by TC, in particular on roles of NC and EC.

13 July 1974 Letter to all NC members asking for amendments to report of Organisation Commission.

Undated [June 1974] [P Bain, T Cliff, J Deason, D Hallas]: Report of the Commission Appointed.... Commission into disputes in Manchester district following May NC.

Undated [June-July 1974] Organisation Commission Questionnaire No 2 Questions on workplace SW sales and leaflets. [Rich.MS1117/bx 209/file2].

[Cliff and Paul Foot]: Making Socialist Worker into a Workers’ Paper [1974?] Very Semilar to piece in April 1974 Internal Bulletin: need for greater worker involvement in SW. [Rich. MS 1117/box 209/file 2]. Second Part of Cliff-Foot Document on Improving the content of the Paper. No date; prbably summer-autumn 1974. After removal of Roger Protz as editor; Need to encourage worker writers. First part presumably exists [NOT SEEN]

Socialist Workers Party

SWP Internal Bulletin

N 1: February 1977 [Tony Cliff and duncan Halls]: The devlutin referenda. Advocates absention in Scottish and Welsh referenda

No 6 [1978] p. 4: [Tony Cliff and Jack Robertson]: The Future of Scialist Worker How to improve industial coverage in post-ANL period.

Pre-conference Bulletin No 2, 1994 pp.8-12: Why do we need a revolutionary party? Transcript of talk at Maxism 94.

Spring 2000: pp 20-21 [Tony Cliff and Alex Callinicos]: Letter to ISO (20 February 2000) p 22: [Tony Cliff and Alex Callinicos]: Letter to ISO Steering Committee (23 February 2000) pp 40-41 [Tony Cliff and Alex Callinicos]: Letter to ISO Steering Committee (20 March 2000) pp 41-47: [ony Cliff and Alex Callinicos]: Leter to ISO Steering Committee (29 March 2000). Polemic with ISO (US) re inadequate response to Seattle and anti-capitalist movement.

Miscellaneous Documents and Cirkulars

March 1977 [Paul Foot, Jim Nichol, Tony Cliff]: Financial Appeal to the Trade Union and Labour movement following the award of damages to Clive Jenkins of ASTMS SW sued for £10,000 for criticising Jenkins for organising holidays in Franco’s Spain.

Our Election Tactics in hte General Election. Document for National Advisory Committee signed by Cliff and five other comrades. Style sugests drafted by Cliff. Apparently late 1977. Advocates retreat from electoral strategy. [MRC MSS.244/2/1/2].

Steve Jefferys: The politics behind the row on the paper [late 1978] Contains extracts frm dodument circulated by Cliff to SW staff before removal of Harman as editor. [MRCMSS.244/2/1/2].

19 January 1982 [Tony Cliff & Peter Clark]: Individually addressed appeal to lecturers to donate to Fighting Fund.

3 March 1983 [Peter Clark, Nasreen Tabrizi, Tony Cliff]: Appeal for money to publish Farsi translation Cliff’s State Capitalism in Russia.


Miscellaneous articles

Ha-Mesheq Ha-Shittufi [The Cooperative Economy] Issue 3(11), 1935 pp.183-188: The Present Agrarian Crisis in Egypt [Online] Originally written in Hebrew. Cliff’s first article, written at the age of 18 [Item omitted in printed 2. version].

New Politics (US) Advertisement for No 2: Winter 1962 includes: The 22nd Congress of the Russian Communist Party [NOT SEEN] Reprinted from SR1 November 1961. [Errata: This article is an expanded edition of the article in SR1 November 1961; which also is online: The 22nd Congress.

Solidarity Vl 3, No 10, August 1965 pp 22-25: Report of the Cardan-MacIntyre debate, whith account of Cliff’s contributin, including many verbatim quotations. * [See Birchall’ book on tony Cliff, chapter 5 on Cliffs debate with MacIntyre, and search the internet for the book 1956 and all that. Ed. by Keith Flett (Cambridge Scolars Publication, 2007) Ch 8: ’Alasdair Macintyre as a Marxist, 1956-1968’, which also covers the debate.]

Speak Out (Detroit) No 12: June 1967 pp 13-15 Mao and the workers Reprinted from LW April 1967. Online at Marxists Internet Archive.

Workers’ Fight (A Trotskyist journal for members of the IS Group) New Weries No 1, 1969 Cliff on substitutionism Reprint from IS1:2. Online at Marxists Internet Archive: ’Trotsky on substitutionism’].

Idiot International No 6, June 1970 pp 8-10: Tony Cliff - interview by Nick Walter Interview on IS politics, especially rôle of party. Under the tittle ’Nothing so romantic’, reprinted in David Widgery (ed.), The Left in Britain, Harmondsworth 1976 + reprinted in Socialist Review 241, May 2000. Online at Marxists Internet Archive.

Radical America Vol 9, No 6, Nvember-December 1975 pp 9-44: Portugal at he Crsrads Shortened version of IS1 81-82. There was a disagreement between Cliff and Radical America about the editing, see letter from RA to Cliff [The Women’s Library: 7SHR/A/5 Box 2].

The Leveller No 29, August 1979 pp. 12-13: [David Clark and Tim Gopsill]: Taking on the Tories - ‘Defend Our Unions’ Report on the Defend Our Unions conference, Manchester, 23 June 1979. Contains extracts from an interview with Cliff on the Rank and File movement.

No 30, September 1979 pp. 20-21: [Tony Cliff interviewed by Dave Clark and Mike Prest]: Sell the Paper! Build the Party! On politics of SWP; approach to CP and Bennism.

20 July 1987 p. 20: Why the Workers did not Fight for Labour Based on Marxism talk ‘Elections 87 - Lessons for Socialists’; see also Guardian 22 July, Letters, p. 12 for response.

The Guardian 20 July 1987 p 20: Why the Workers did nt Fight for Labur Based on Marxism talk "Election 876 - Lessons for Socialists"; see also the Guardian, 22 July, Letters, p 12 for response.

New Statesman & Society 16 September 1994 p. 13: Influences (questionnaire) Says ‘I don’t listen to music’; trusts nobody in the world other than Chris Harman and Lindsey German; most admired political figures listed as: ‘Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Leon Trotsky and Rosa Luxemburg’. Cliff claimed ‘Leon Trotsky’ was misheard over telephone, should have been ‘Lenin, Trotsky’.

International Socialist Review (ISO - US) Issue 01: Summer 1997 pp. 27-31: [Ahmed Shawki interviews Cliff] 50 Years of the International Socialist Tradition Fiftieth anniversary of document on state capitalism. [Online at Marxists’ Internet Archive].

Other Items

In an article in SWP Internal Bulletin No. 6 [1979], p. 4, Cliff refers to the fact that he wrote his first strike leaflet 45 years previously, that is, in 1934. [NOT SEEN]

Revolutionary History Volume 6, no 2/3, Summer 1996 [This issue is online, pdf-file] pp. 4-48: Ciaran Crossey & James Monaghan: ‘The Origins of Trotskyism in Ireland’ On pp. 43-44 the authors refer to and quote a leaflet issued in Dublin in May 1948 entitled ‘Who Wears Connolly’s Mantle?’ They speculate that this may have been written or influenced by Cliff who was in Dublin at the time. [NOT SEEN]

Isis (Oxford University) No. 1452: 13 November 1963 p. 7: [Richard Condon]: Colourful Mixture Detailed report of meeting of Oxford University Labour Club addressed by Cliff on ‘The Limits of De Stalinization’.

EC minutes of 23 February 1970 report that Cliff had signed on behalf of IS an ISRACA leaflet making the following points: • against persecution of Jews in Russia • against the slogan of calling for Jews to return to Israel • in favour of Palestinian Arabs being able to return to Israel [NOT SEEN]

Redskins: Neither Washington nor Moscow (Decca FLP 1) This album contains some extracts from a speech by Cliff; it entered the Music Week chart on 22 March 1986, peaking at No. 31. [The whole album online:; 43,05 min.
See also for credits, - like "Other [Bootleg Propaganda Of Swp] – Tony Cliff" ;)]

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Gaia: tidsskrift for international solidaritet (nr.81, forår 2017, 31 s.). Kvartalstidsskrift online med artikler om Trump og nyliberalismen, Etiopien, Cuba, Filippinerne, Israel og Columbia.

Against the Current (Issue 188, May-June 2017). Amerikansk socialistisk tidsskrift online med artikler bl.a. om Trumps politik, Latinamerikas højredrejning, Den Russiske Revolution og arbejderdemokrati + mange boganmeldelser.

Kritisk Debat (17. april 2017). Online med 16 artikler, bl.a. om Socialdemokraterne og højrepopulismen, Latinamerika, Frankrig, Indien, samt en længere artikel af Göran Therborn om ulighedens dynamik (fra New Left Review).

International Socialism (Issue 154, Spring 2017, 223 p.). Britisk kvartalstidsskrift online med artikler bl.a om Donald Trump og den neoliberalistiske verdensorden, antisemitisme og højrefløjen, den russiske revolution og Lenins April-teser, klasseanalyse, Frantz Fanon, Engels og menneskets forhistorie + boganmeldelser.

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Af Nathan Schneider

Ingen ledere, ingen vold

28. februar | Hvad indebærer begrebet om en mangfoldighed af taktikker for Occupy Wall Street? Således spørger Nathan Schneider, der selv er med i bevægelsen, i den nye bog »Vi er de 99%«.

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Folkedrabets moralske historie

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Assad-regimets krig mod egen befolkning

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»Tom« har forladt os


Af Camilla Tved

10 gode grunde til at se ”10 timer til Paradis”

19. februar | Den meget omtalte og roste spillefilmsdebut fra Mads Mathiesen gør det nemt for publikum. Læs her hvorfor en af QueerKrafts anmeldere blev blød i knæene og nu ønsker sig en (...)

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17. februar
Queerfeministisk antiracistisk kritik

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Anders Behring Breivik og kampen om forklaringen

7. februar
Arabiske kvinders kamp i skyggen af islamisternes valgsejre


Af Ulrikke Moustgaard, Kvinfo

»Kønskvoter styrker konkurrenceevnen«

27. februar | Direktøren i det norske Finansnæringens Arbeidsgiverforening mener, at kønskvoter er det bedste, der er sket for Norges globale konkurrencedygtighed.

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Faglig énmandshær er død

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Støt de græske stålarbejdere

19. februar
Lønarbejderne skal tilbage til centrum-venstre!


Af Sune Hundebøll

Løb i varmen

27. februar | Mens vi udfordres af februarkulden, har løbere sat hinanden i stævne nær Tindouf i Algeriet. Deres udfordring er varmen og 42,195 kilometers løb gennem ørkenen.

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Kontrafon: fra Nørrebros undergrund til P3

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KODA freder YouTube

22. februar
Piratradio på standby af frygt for myndighederne


Af Rina Ronja Kari

Så går det løs igen

29. februar | 10:40

Af Elizabeth Japsen

Avantgardisten Holberg anno 1721 og 8 marts

28. februar | 09:23

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Af Karen Helveg Petersen

»De faktiske forhold i jernindustrien…«

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Af Søren Søndergaard


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Af Henrik Chulu

Digitalt forår

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Af Lise Jonassen

Vi er ikke svage - vi har bare ikke arbejde

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Stop ACTA nu Demonstration 25-02-2012

Billeder fra demoen mod ACTA lørdag d. 25/2-2012

Lavet af Filip S -


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Henrik Chulu | Jens Voldby Crumlin | kl. 09:13
Kodeordene for et nyt samfundssystem er en ny økonomi som er frigjort fra (...)

Kontradoxa | amalie skram | kl. 00:16
@Grølheim Hvem og hvad giver dig din absurde tro på, at Assad-regimet (...)

Saila Naomi Stausholm | Saila Naomi Stausholm | kl. 23:41
Hej alle, mange tak for jeres kommentarer. Mht debatten om mig/SF’ere på (...)

Saila Naomi Stausholm | Saila Naomi Stausholm | kl. 23:31
Hej alle, lige lidt respons herfra - igen tak for jeres kommentarer. Mht (...)

Kontradoxa | Grølheim | kl. 21:30
@amalie; Jeg synes denne råben "konspirationsteoretikere" bliver mere og (...)

QueerKraft | Karl | kl. 15:01
Enig med Karen. Og så tror jeg at pointen med klummen både er at ærgre sig (...)

Kontradoxa | peter | kl. 14:25
@e lykke Fordi nogle oprørere i Libyen opfører sig som racistiske svin (...)

Kontradoxa | peter | kl. 14:23
@Amalie Skram Helt enig. Det er vildt grotesk, at der findes folk der (...)

Karen Helveg Petersen | Johannes | kl. 14:08
Man bliver jo næsten nødt til at spørge, af ren nysgerrighed (eller (...)

Jakob Lindblom | Bente | kl. 13:44
Nej jeg vil ikke slappe af Jacob. For jo du siger en hel masse.. Du eller I (...)

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