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Tony Cliff Bibliography by Ian Birchall

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Manuscripts, correspondence

Cliff’s papers, to be deposited at Warwick University, contain a wide variety of material reflecting his methods of work. Material falls into the following categories:
• Manuscripts of unpublished books and articles
• Brief notes for talks (handwritten and largely illegible)
• Publications of the SWP and of groups in the IS international tendency
• Press cuttings
• Manuscripts and proofs of published works
• Photocopies of books and articles
• Letters from comrades and others (including a letter on Keynes from Maurice Dobb)
I list below the more significant items; in particular I have listed those manuscripts which do not seem to correspond to any of Cliff’s known published works:

Books Imperialism and the Arab East Palestine, May 1946; iv + 216 pp. Typescript Six parts: I - Historical background II - Imperialism in the Arab East III - The Economic Structure of the Arab East [extract in W1] IV - The National Movement in the Arab East V - Zionism VI - The Working Class Movement in the Arab East

Manuscript on Keynes This is very incomplete and many pages are missing; the following pages survive: 11, 15-17, 26-27, 29-38, 40-57, 75-81, 83-84

[Ygael Gluckstein]: Communism and the Peasantry 4 pp. Outline of book 1) Collectivisation of Agriculture 2) Russian Collectivisation 3) The Chinese People’s Communes 4) Communist Regime Upholds Individual Farming 5) Castro’s Transformation of Agriculture 6) The Israeli Communal Farm (Kibbutz) 7) Communism and the Peasantry

Sections of typescript pp. 1-34 : Part I: Collectivisation of Agriculture (General Analysis) Chapter I Marx and the Peasantry (two copies) pp. 39-47 : Soviet Collectivisation pp. 35-116: Russian Collectivisation pp. 117-168: The Chinese People’s Communes pp 169-198: Yugoslavia and Poland pp. 199-227: Castro’s Transformation of Agriculture pp. 228-246: The Israeli Communal Farm (Kibbutz) pp. 247-292: Communism and the Peasantry

Articles and Manuscripts

Manuscript 17 pp. Chapter XIV: Some historical analogies. An idea transformed into its opposite Parallels between Christianity and Stalinism

Manuscript 4 pp. ‘The Crisis of Society is the Crisis of Leadership’ A critique of voluntarism

Manuscript 12 pp. (incomplete) Malenkov’s Russia May be version of article in SR1 May 1953

Manuscript 3 pp. (handwritten, wholly illegible) Analysis ... [??] Appears to be notes on the Comintern and the Popular Front.

Manuscript 6 pp. Notes on Revolutionaries and Reformism. Advice to Linksruck comrades

Manuscript 5 pp. Revolutionaries and Reformism Addressed to Linksruck after Lafontaine/Schröder break

Manuscript 4 pp. Revolutionaries and reformism Different from previous two - no reference to Linksruck.

Typescript 6 pp. Speech at the final rally, Marxism 1998.

Manuscript 3 pp Addition to Revolution and Counter-revolution Bolsheviks 1902-1905

Manuscript 3 pp. XII: The struggle against imperialism and national oppression Strikes in Egypt to 1998

Incomplete Manuscript (4 pages out of 8) [Unsigned] State of organisation during miners’ strike Style suggests by Cliff

Manuscript 5 pp. The relevance of Marxism

Manuscript 5 pp. Fifty years of state of Israel

Typescript 4 pp. The Russian Revolution May be notes for talk

Single separated sheet (p. 8) Notes on sectarianism

[Y Tsur]: The managerial revolution. The theory of counter revolution of monopoly capitalism. Manuscript in Hebrew 5 pp No date (late 30s, early 40s). Apparently published, but no record of which journal it appeared in. English translation has been made. Critique of James Burnham, The Managerial Revolution (1943). Postscript promises a further article on the nature of the Russian regime. [MRC, MSS.459/Box10] English translatin: [online: Managerial Revolution (A counter-revolutionary theory of monopoly capitalism) (1943) Marxists Internet Archive]

Manuscript 5 pp handwritten Paper of the Cominform (15 June 1948)

Manuscript in Hebrew pp 78-124 The price of agricultural produce, rent and the price of land in the period of declining capitalism

[Y Gluckstein]: A very rough draft of a synopsis of a book on Trotsky (4 pp.) Probably c. 1960. Ten chapters on Aspects f Trtsky’s thought. [MRC MSS.459/2/14].

Notes on Revolutionaries and Reformisk [MRC MSS.459/2/21].

Single untitlet sheet, numbered "g". No date, but laer than 1984. Sme thoughts on Sectarianism. [MRC MSS.459/2/17].

What was the position of ... (damaged) Democracy and fascism

Manuscript 6 pp. handwritten in Hebrew Current tendencies in the concentration of land and the break-up of the village.

Folder labelled ‘some unpublished works’ c. 200 pp. typescript, mainly on Russia.

Manuscript 10 pp. Very tattered Quotes from Trotsky on fascism.

Typescript pp 1-76 Extracts from New International, Dunayevskaya, etc.

Untitled, undated notes from 1980s - incomplete. On miner’s strike and party organisation. [MRS MSS.459/3/3].


Letter to V Mosler, 29.7.93 Organisational problems of SAG [MRCMSS, 459/3/30].

Part of letter to Turkish comrade (incomplete - final page only) On ‘economism’, economism not a danger at present. [MSS.459/2/21].


Notebook 346 pp. Mostly Hebrew, some English. Statistics re Russian agriculture, etc. Contains offer of reward of £5 if found.



Marxits Internet Archive have a usefull Cross-Language Index


State Capitalism in Russia (cf A World to Win p. 201)


Russiay Rashtriya Pujibad Social Education and Alternative Research, Kalikata, 1992, xxvii + 251 pp. State Capitalism in Russia


[See also: Secció Catalana de l’Arxiu Virtual dels Marxistes: Tony Cliff.]


Rosa Luxemburg. En politisk biografi Politisk Revy, Copenhagen, 1973 Translation of 1959 edition of Rosa Luxemburg Contains foreword for Danish edition by Cliff, dated 1972

Trotsky on Substitutionism (IS1 2) Proletar No. 6, November 1974, pp 24-34.

[for a full bibliography in Danish, see section: På dansk af Tony Cliff; In English]


De strijd in het Midden-Oosten in Tariq Ali (ed.), Nieuwe revolutionairen. Linkse oppositie (Bussum 1969) 213 33 (‘The Struggle in the Middle East’, in Tariq Ali, New Revolutionaries, London, 1969). 1967 pamphlet - see section A.

Rosa Luzxemburg’s verdediging van het marxisme in Rosa Luxemburg, Dubblernummer te elfder ure. 18e jaargang nr. 7 en 8 (Nijmegen 1971), 312 22 De opvatting van Rosa Luxemburg over de massastaking in Rosa Luxemburg, Dubblernummer te elfder ure. 18e jaargang nr. 7 en 8 (Nijmegen 1971), 364 76 (Chapters on ‘Reform or Revolution’ and ‘Mass strikes and revolution’ in Rosa Luxemburg; translated from German edition of 1969).

Revolutie en contra-revolutie, lessen voor Indonesie in Chris Harman, Tony Cliff, Pepijn Brandon, Marxisme en de partij (Amsterdam 1999) 6-139 Revolution and counter-revolution: lessons for Indonesia (IS2 8o)

[See also: Nederlandstalig Marxistisch Internet-Archief: Tony Cliff]


State Capitalism in Russia [No date - March 1983] Printed in Britain, ‘Socialist Publications’.

Deflected Permanent Revolution, Bookmarks, 1990

[See also: Marxist Internet Archive Farsi: Tony Cliff]


[See also: Marxilainen internetarkisto; suomenkielinen osasto:Tony Cliff]


Quatrième Internationale, August-September 1946: pp. 38-46 Le Proche et le Moyen-Orient à la croisée des chemins: Part I October-November 1946: [NOT SEEN] presumably contains Part II. December 1946: pp. 20-25 Le Proche-Orient au carrefour: Part III. These three articles are a French translation of ‘The Middle East at the Crossroads’ (Fourth International, December 1945, January & February 1946) subseequently published as a pamphlet Middle East at the Cross Roads [1946 - see section A]

[Y Gluckstein] Les satellites européens de Staline Les îles d’or, Paris, 1953 Stalin’s satellites in Eastern Europe.

L’avenir de l’empire russe: réforme ou révolution? In Correspondance socialiste (Pivertiste), No 69, December 1956, pp. 9-11. Résumé from ‘The Future of the Russian Empire’ (SR1 December 1956)

Portugal au Carrefour [1975] Portugal at the Crossroads [IS1/81-82] IS International Department

La Pravda de Lénine [1977??] Lenin’s Pravda [IS1/67] IS International Department Prepared for sale at Lutte Ouvrière fête

Le Capitalisme d’état en URSS de Staline à Gorbatchev Etudes et documentation internationales, Paris, 1990 State capitalism in Russia - contains introduction and conclusion by C Harman also contains (pp. 261-276): The theory of bureaucratic collectivism: a critique (IS1 32)

La Révolution permanente Permanent Revolution [IS1/12] Referred to in an internal document of the Canadian IS; date not known [NOT SEEN]

[See also: l’Archive Internet des Marxistes; Section française: Tony Cliff]


[Rock, L] Palästina: Seine Arbeiterbewegung und ihre Aufgaben. n.p., 1938, 61 pp. Trotsky Papers Catalging Recods (MS Russ 13.11). Houghton Library, Harvard University, item 17140. Rock Articles from New Internatinal, 1938-39 [NOT SEEN].

Revolte der Arbeiter Oberbaumpresse, Berlin, 1968 Incomes policy, legislation and shop stewards

Studie über Rosa Luxemburg Neue Kritik, Frankfurt-am-Main, 1969, 92 pp. Rosa Luxemburg (from 1969 version) Also another edition of the same book: Linden-Druck, Hanover

[Tony Cliff, Rosa Luxemburg, Paul Frölich and Peter Nettl]: Rosa Luxemburg und die Oktoberrevolution 1917. Published by Arbeitertexte Verlag O, Hamburg, 1970 pp 1-10: "Rosa Lusemburgs Kirtik an der blschewistischen Regierugn". This is the chapter "Rosa Luxemburg’s criticism of the Bolsheviks in power", pp 61-70 from Studie über Rosa Luxemburg, Neue Kritik, Frankfurt-Am-Main, 1969

Jahrbuch Arbeiterbewegung Band II: Marxistische Revolutionstheorie (ed.) C Pozzoli Fischer, Frankfurt-am-Main, 1974 pp 93-113: Revolution und revolutionäre Organisation (Trotsky on Substitutionism - IS1 2)

Portugal vor der Entscheidung Sozialistiche Arbeitergruppe, Frankfurt am main, 1975 Portugal at the Crossroads

Staatskapitalismus in Russland SAG, Frankfurt-am-Main 1975, 283 pp. State Capitalism in Russia

[See also Marxists’ Internet Archive; Deutschsprachiger Teil: Tony Cliff [online] & Reds - Die Roten: Tony Cliff] [online]


Rosa Luxemburg (includes two chapters from Cliff’s Rosa Luxemburg) November 1972 (out of print) Ydrohoos, 125 pp.

Portugal at the Crossroads 1977 (out of print)

State capitalism in Russia (two editions) 1st edition Bookmarks 1983, 326 pp. 2nd edition Marxistiko Vivliopolio December 1991, 290 pp.

Russia - from Workers’ State to State Capitalism (two editions) 1st chapter: ‘Workers’ revolution and beyond’ from Binns, Cliff, Harman, Russia: From Workers’ State to State Capitalism, (1987) 1st edition Athens 1989, ESSD, pp. 20-26 2nd edition 1991 (out of print) Marxistiko Vivliopolio

Deflected Permanent Revolution October 1991 Marxistiko Vivliopolio, 40pp.

Lenin Vol. 1 1893-1914 March 1995 Marxistiko Vivliopolio, 382pp.

Lenin Vol. 2 1914-1917 October 1997 Marxistiko Vivliopolio, 430 pp.

Lenin Vol. 3 1917-1924 February 2000 Marxistiko Vivliopolio, 492 pp.

Spain 1936 - Revolution against fascism (includes chapter on Spanish Revolution from Trotsky Vol. 4) 1st edition October 1995; 2nd edition January 2000 Marxistiko Vivliopolio, 70 pp.

June 1936 - The factory occupations in France (includes chapter on France from Trotsky Vol. 4) May 1996 Marxistiko Vivliopolio, 60 pp.

‘We have a world to win’ (last chapter of Cliff’s autobiography) ‘Socialism from below’ journal No 35 - April 2000

[See also: Marxists Internet Archive; Ελληνικό τμήμα: Tony Cliff


Revolusi dan kontra-revolusi Henry Marten, London, 22 pp. Revolution and counter-revolution: lessons for Indonesia (IS2 80)


Portugal at the Crossroads [IS1/81-82] IS International Department, 1975

Capitalismo di stato in Russia Prospettiva, Rome, 1999, 242pp. State Capitalism in Russia

[See also:Marxists Internet Archive; Seksi Bahasa Indonesia: Karya-Karya maxis]


Socialist Review (10th. Year, No. 3, March 1960), p. 5 reports that Tadayuki Tsushima’s latest work, A Criticism of Soviet ‘Socialism’ contains two articles from SR1‘The Future of the Russian Empire’ (December 1956) and ‘Mao-Tse tung and Stalin’ (April 1957), plus a chapter from Stalinist Russia.

France - the Struggle Goes On Gendaishichosha. 1968 Also contains texts by Raya Dunayevskaya and Eugene Walker

Stalinist Russia: A Marxist Analysis

State Capitalism in Russia

Portugal at the Crossroads 1975/1976 [?] Prduced in Japan [see IS Bulletin February 1976 [NOT SEEN]

Rosa Luxemburg Two editions: 1988 & 1993

NB: Cliff’s personal library contains three other volumes in Japanese which I was unable to identify.

[See also: Marxists’ Internet Archive; Japanese section]

Only English titles are given for each itim.

[Trotskyism after Trotsky: The origins of the International Socialist Tendency] (Seoul: Ch’aekkalp’i, 2010).

[Lenin, volume 1,] (Ch’aegkalp’i Press, Seoul, 432 pp., 1996, 2004/2010)

[Lenin, volume 2,9 (Ch’aegkalp’i Press, Seoul, 2009)

[Lenin, volume 3] Ch’aegkalp’i Press, Seoul, 2010)

[Class struggle and women’s liberation.] (Ch’aegkalp’i Press, Seoul, 2008)

[Marxism at the Millennium] (Ch’aegkalp’i Press, Seoul, 2002)

[The Labour Party: A Marxist History] (Ch’aegkalp’i Press, Seoul, 2008)

[State Capitalism in Russia] (Ch’aegkalp’i Press, Seoul, 1993)

[Marxism and trade union struggle] (Seul, Pulmujil, 1995)

[See also: Marxists Internet Archive; (korean)]


Hva er reformisme? (1957) [online]
Marxists Internet Archive, Norsk seksjon
Economic roots of reformism (Socialist Review Vol.6 No.9, June 1957)

Røttene til Israels vold (1982) [online]
Intenasjonale Sosialister, 07.02.2002
Roots of Israel’s violence (Socialist Worker, No.1743, 14 April 2001)

Trotskij om substitusjonismen (Online på dansk)
Internasjonale Sosialister, Oslo 1994. 19pp.
Trotsky on Substitutionism (IS1 2)

50 år med den Internasjonale Sosialistiske tradisjonen : Ahmed Shawki intervjuer Tony Cliff.
Internasjonal Sosialisme 2-1998, pp. 90-101
Interview with Ahmed Shawki from International Socialist Review Summer 1997 [see section I]

Regimene var ikke sosialistiske (dansk tekst)
Sosialistisk Arbeideravis 22-1999 (16 November 1999)
Source unknown

Trotskisme etter Trotski : Internasjonale Sosialisters røtter [online] [with foreword, but without notes] and online [with notes, but without foreword]
Internasjonale Sosialister, Oslo, 1.1.1999, 88 pp. Trotskyism after Trotsky

“Globalisiering” - myter og virkelighet
Sosialistisk Arbeideravis, 24-2000 (15 December 2000)
Chapter 4 - “‘Globalisation’ - myths and realities” - from Marxism at the Millennium

[See also: Marxists Internet Archive; Norsk seksjon: Tony Cliff]


Pánstwowy Kapitalizm W Rosji Warsaw, 316 pp. State capitalism in Russia

[See also: Marxists Internet Archives; Witamy serdecznie w Polskiej Sekcji]


Portugal en la Encrucijada IS International Department, 1975, 48 pp. Portugal at the Crossroads [IS1/81-82]

Portugal - O Caminho a Frente London, 28 September 1975 According to SW 11 October 1975 2500 copies had been sent to Portugal; an extract from the pamphlet appears in this issue of SW.

Lições do 25 de Novembro Printed/Published London, IS International Department, 1975, 8 pp. Portugal: The Lessons of the 25th November (with Chris Harman)

[See also: Arquivo Marxista na Internet; Seção em Português]


State Capitalism in Russia Leningrad 1991 contains (pp. 3-5) Cliff’s preface to Russian edition This translation was originally made by the KGB in 1956, printed and kept in a sealed section of the library. (See A World to Win, p. 201)

Russian paper (Sosialisticheskaya Solidarnost No 12, June 1996) announces Rusian translations of: Economic Roots of Reformism (SR1 June 1957) Permanent Revolution (IS1 12) Permanent War Economy (SR1 April 1957


La Batalla 10 January1948 "La condition de la mujer en la Rusia de Stalin" "Women in the USSR, Socialist Appeal, Mid-July 1947.

20 February 1952 [c Tariq] "Inglatterra y Egipto" "Britain an Egypt", Socialist Review November-December 1951.

8 April 1951 "La Burocracia en la Industria" "Stalinist Russia - The Fscts: The Bureaucrats in Industri", Socialist Review, January 1951

[Ygael Gluckstein]: Los Satelites de Rusia en Europa Artola editor, Madrid, 1955. Stalins Satelites in Europa.

Primavera Portugal at the Crossroads [IS1/81-82] IS International Department, 1975 Published under misleading title (‘Springtime’ ) and without author’s name for clandestine distribution in Franco’s Spain.

Capitalismo de estado en Rusia. (Editiones En Lucha, Barcelona, 2000) 247 pp. Translated by Mike Gonzales [i.e. State Capitalism in Russia (cf A World to Win p. 201)]

[See also: Marxists Internet Archive; Sección en Español: Archivo Tony Cliff]


Kampen i Mellanöstern Text av Tony Cliff i antologin "De nya revolutionärerna", utgiven 1969 på svenska av Aldus Aktuellt. Redaktör för antologin var Tariq Ali Online på The same as: "The Struggle in the Middle East," in Tariq Ali, ed., The New Revolutionaries: A Handbook of the International Radical Left (New York: William Morrow, 1969), p. 219–220.

[See also: Marxists Internet Archive; Svenska arkivet]
+, Texter av Tony Cliff


[See also: Internet Marxist Archive (Thai): Tony Cliff]


Lenin 1: Partinin Insasi (Lenin1, Building the Party) Translated by Tarik Kaya 1st ed. Yeni gün Yayinlari, London, 1987 2nd ed. Z Yayinlari, Istanbul, 1994.

Rusya’da devlet kapitalizmi (State Capitalism in Russia) Translated by Ronnie Margulies and Tarik Kaya Metis Yayinlari, Istanbul, 1990

Sürekli Devrim: Bir Degerlendirme (Deflected Permanent Revolution) Translated by Ronnie Margulies and Tarik Kaya Koral Yayinlari, Istanbul, 1990

Kadinlarin Özgürlügü ve Sinif Mücadelesi (Class Struggle and Women’s Liberation) Translated by Samil Bestoy Ataol Yayinlari, Istanbul, 1991

Lenin 2, Bütün Iktidar Sovyetlere (Lenin 2, All Power to the Soviets) Translated by Tarik Kaya and Bernar Kutlug Z Yayinlari, Istanbul, 1994

Lenin 3, Kusatilmis Devrim (Lenin 3, The Revolution Besieged) Translated by Bernar Kutlug Z Yayinlari, Istanbul, 1996

‘Uluslararasi Sosyalizm Akimi’nin 50 Yili’ Interview with Ahmed Shawki: ‘Fifty Years of the International Socialism Tendency’ from International Socialist Review Summer 1997 [see section I] Translated by Ronnie Margulies Enternasyonal Sosyalizm, No 1, September 1997

Rosa Lüksemburg (Rosa Luxemburg) Translated by Metin Firtina Z Yayinlari, Istanbul, 1998

Lenin 4, Bolsevikler ve Dünya Devrimi (Lenin 4, The Bolsheviks and World Revolution) Translated by Bernar Kutlug Z Yayinlari, Istanbul, 2001

[See also: Marxist Interenet Arcive; Türkce bölümü]


Vpred No 3(12), 1950 T Cliff: "The Class Struggle in Russia" (from The Nature of Stalinist Russia)

Vpred No 7-8 (18-20), 1950 T Cliff: "The imperialist expansin of Rusia" (from The Nature of Stalinist Russia).

NB: Cliff’s personal library also contains one book and one pamphlet (possibly Arabic) which I was unable to identify.



Recordings of Marxism meetings from 1992 onwards are in the British Library Sound Archive, C 797. List from some of the early years may be incomplete. [And you will find some recordings, audios or videos, on The videos give a living picture of Cliffs argument speaking style. Only a few of Cliffs contributins at Marxism rallies are linked below.:]

1977 Bolshevism, Menshevism, Lenin, Trotsky, Martov Lenin as a Philosopher Portugal and the Revolutions of the West

1978 [NOT FOUND]

1979 [NOT FOUND]

1980 [MAY BE INCOMPLETE] Balance Sheet of Fight Against the Tories Labour in History Luxemburg Spanish Civil War

1981 The English Suffragettes Russian Revolution The Working Class Family

1982 [MAY BE INCOMPLETE] The Pentonville Five - Ten Years On [with Micky Fenn] The Women’s Movement in the last 15 Years Socialism Today, Building in the Downturn

1983 Rebuilding Shop Stewards’ Organisation What Next After the Election? Lenin and the Party Party and Class in the Russian Revolution Student Forum The Rise and Fall of Bennism Syndicalism and the Working Class Zionism and the Middle East Marx 100 Years On

1984 The Class Struggle today Women’s Liberation and the Class Struggle The General Strike and the Lessons of 1926 The Russian Revolution Deflected Permanent Revolution SWP: Tactics and Strategy Today (Forum)

1985 Changing Balance of Class Forces 1945-1985 The Revolutionary Party Zionism [online as audio at, 4 parts: part 1, (9,59 min) The General Strike The Revolution (Russian) Reform or Revolution? Rally

1986 Marxism and the Trade Union Struggle Lenin and the Revolutionary Party Socialist Question Time [with Chris Harman & Sheila McGregor] Cripps, Bevan and Benn - Leaders of the Labour Left The Socialist Alternative. Rally

1987 Elections 87 - Lessons for Socialists Lessons of October 1951-67 - Building in the Boom The Accumulation of Capital (Luxemburg) The Working Class and the Oppressed The Case for a Socialist Alternative. Rally

1988 Revolutionaries and the Class Struggle Today State Capitalism Permanent Revolution Lenin, Trotsky, Luxemburg and the Party The Revolutionary Road to Socialism. Rally

1989 Where Our Politics Come From [SWP] Trotsky and the Russian Revolution Trotsky and the Red Army The Crisis of Labourism The Foundation of Mao’s China Reform or Revolution? Rally.

1990 State Capitalism How do we Build the Revolutionary Party? 50 Years Since Trotsky’s Assassination - a Commemoration International Forum Socialism into the 90s. Rally.

1991 State Capitalism Trotsky and the Fourth International Revolutionaries and the Class Struggle Today Can Socialism Come Through Parliament? Lenin and the Party Build the Socialist Alternative. Rally

1992 The Class Struggle in the 90s. State Capitalism The Legacy of Trotsky Marxism and Oppression Spain 1936 Stopping the Nazis Today (Forum) Build the Socialist Alternative. Rally

1993 The New Militancy The Changing Nature of Labourism Trotsky’s Fight Against Stalinism [online at, 49,21 min] State Capitalism The Working Class and the Oppressed Final Rally

1994 Build the Resistance. Opening Rally Marxism and the Oppressed [online as audio at, 29,50 min] Prospects for Building the SWP Today Trotsky’s Fight for Internationalism The Theory of State Capitalism What is the Revolutionary Party?

1995 Engels: Centenary of a Revolutionary [W1] The Revolutionary Party The Theory of State Capitalism Why do Workers Look to Blair? Marxism and Oppression Final Rally

1996 The Relevance of Marxism Can Blair deliver? Lenin and the Party. [Part 1 online as cartoon at YouTube (7,38 min). Link to part 2. Final Rally.

1997 Socialists under Blair What are Rank and File Politics? (Trade Unions) State Capitalism Lenin on Revolutionary Strategy and Tactics Could Trotsky have won? Final Rally

1998 Israel: Fifty Years of the Zionist state The International Socialist Tradition Globalisation: Fact and Fiction James Connolly and the Limits of Syndicalism Final Rally

1999 State Capitalism Deflected Permanent Revolution The Permanent Arms Economy Final Rally



Volumes of Cliff’s writings

Neither Washington nor Moscow, (introduction by D Hallas), Bookmarks 1982

pp. 11-23: The Middle East at the crossroads (Fourth International, December 1945)

pp. 24-39: All that glitters is not gold (RCP Internal Document, September 1947)

pp. 40-85: On the class nature of the people’s democracies (Duplicated document July 1950)

pp. 86-100: The theory of bureaucratic collectivism: A critique (Duplicated document 1948)

pp. 101-07: Perspectives for the permanent war economy. (SR1 March 1957)

pp. 108-17: Economic roots of reformism (SR1 June 1957)

pp. 118-34: The future of the Russian empire: Reform or revolution? (SR1 December 1956)

pp. 135-42: Mao Tse-Tung and Stalin (SR1 April 1957)

pp. 143-65: Crisis in China (IS1 29)

pp. 166-91: The end of the road: Deutscher’s capitulation to Stalinism (IS1 15)

pp. 192-209: Trotsky on substitutionism (IS1 2)

pp. 210-14: Labour’s addiction to the rubber stamp (LW January 1967)

pp. 215-17: Notes on democratic centralism (IS internal document June 1968)

pp. 218-38: On perspectives: the class struggle in Britain (Harris & Palmer (eds.) World Crisis, and not, as stated in volume, IS1 36)

pp. 239-45: After Pentonville: the battle is won but the war goes on (SW 5 August 1972)

pp. 245-49: 1972: A tremendous year for the workers (SW 6 January 1973)

pp. 249-52: The use of Socialist Worker as an organiser (International Socialists Internal Bulletin April 1974)

pp. 253-56: Lenin: His ideas are the future (SW 2 February 1974)

pp. 257-59: The great incomes policy con-trick (SW 21 December 1974)

pp. 260-73: Portugal : the lessons of the 25th November (pamphlet 1975, written with Chris Harman)

pp. 274-77: Why we need a socialist workers party (SW 8 January 1977)

pp. 278-79: Why socialists must support gays (SW 26 August 1978)

pp. 279-83: Ten years on: 1969 to 1979 (SW 26 May 1979)

Selected Writings Volume 1: International Struggle and the Marxist Tradition, Bookmarks, 2001

pp. 7-25: The Palestine Question (New International October, November 1938, June 1939)

pp. 27-41: Industry and banking in Egypt (Part three, chapter eight, from unpublished book Imperialism and the Arab East)

pp. 43-51: The Struggle in the Middle East (from edited and shortened version of 1967 pamphlet in SR2 October 1990)

pp. 53-57: The Jews, Israel and the Holocaust (SR2 May 1998)

pp. 59-116: Rosa Luxemburg (1959 & 1969; main variants between two editions given)

pp. 117-32: Trotsky on Substitutionism (IS1 2)

pp. 133-42: Engels (Marxism 1995)

pp. 143-57: Belgium: strike to revolution? (IS1 4)

pp. 159-217: [Tony Cliff & Ian Birchall] France - the struggle goes on (1968)

pp. 219-310: Portugal at the Crossroads (IS1 81-2)

pp. 311-26: Revolution and counter-revolution: lessons for Indonesia (IS2 80)

Selected Writings volume 2: In the Thick of Workers’ Struggle, Bookmarks 2002

pp. 1-22: The Labour Party in perspective (IS1 9)

pp. 23-122: [Tony Cliff & Colin Barker]: Incomes policy, legislation and shop stewards (1966)

pp. 123-28: Labour’s addiction to the rubber stamp (LW January 1967)

pp. 129-44: On perspectives (IS1 36)

pp. 145-328: The employers’ offensive (1970)

pp. 329-34: After Pentonville: the battle is won but the war goes on (SW 5 August 1972)

pp. 335-38: 1972: a tremendous year for the workers (SW 6 January 1973)

pp. 339-68: Factory branches (International Socialists internal pamphlet)

pp. 369-72: Ten years on: 1969 to 1979 (SW 26 May 1979)

pp. 373-422: The balance of class forces in recent years (IS2 6)

pp. 423-30: The state of the struggle today (SR2 April 1986)

pp. 431-36: In the balance (SR2 February 1995)

pp. 437- : Change is going to come: but how? (SR2 June 1997)

Selected Writings volume 3: Marxist Theory After Trotsky, Bookmarks 2003

pp. 1-138: The nature of Stalinist Russia (RCP International Bulletin, June 1948)

pp. 139-154: All that glitters is not gold (RCP internal document, September 1947)

pp. 155-168: The theory of bureacratic collectivism: a critique (IS1 32 - a considerably revised version of the original 1948 document)

pp. 169-176: Perspectives for the permanent war war economy (SR1 May 1957)

pp. 177-186: Economic roots of reformism (SR1 June 1957)

pp. 187-202: Permanent revolution (IS1 12)

pp. 203-210: Mao Tse-Tung and Stalin (SR1 April 1957)

pp. 211-232: Crisis in China (IS1 29)

pp. 233-260: Marxism and the collectivisation of agriculture (IS1 19)

pp. 261-267: Earthquake in the East (SR2 December 1989)

pp. 269-272: Balance of powerlessness (SR2 September 1991)

pp. 273-292: The family: haven in a heartless world? (chapter 14 (pp. 205-223 of Class Struggle and Women’s Liberation)

pp. 293-294: Why socialist mus support the gays (SW 26 August 1978)

pp. 295-310: Lecture notes on Marxist theory (revised and updated version of NCLC pamphlet from the early sixties)

Anthologies of SWP publications

A Socialist Review, J Higgins (intro), International Socialism undated [1965]

pp. 34-40: Perspectives of the Permanent War Economy SR1 May 1957 [online]

pp. 48-58: Economic Roots of Reformism SR1 June 1957 [online]

pp. 75-82: Background to Middle East Crisis SR1 August 1958 [online]

pp. 191-98: The Nature of State Capitalism SR1 March 1957

pp. 199-215: The Future of the Russian Empire: Reform or Revolution? SR1 December 1956

pp. 222-28: Background to Hungary SR1 1 July 1958 [online]

pp. 228-35: Mao Tse-Tung and Stalinism SR1 April 1957

pp. 236-41: China: The Hundred Flowers Wilt SR1 Mid-May 1959

pp. 241-48: The 22nd. Congress SR1 November 1961

pp. 296-300: Plekhanov: The Father of Russian Marxism SR1 January 1957

pp. 312-16: Background to the French Crisis SR1 1 June 1958

pp. 316-26: The Belgian General Strike SR1 February 1961

In the Heat of the Struggle, C Harman (ed.), Bookmarks 1993

p. 91: 2000 strike to back higher pensions SW 2 December 1972

p. 128: Lessons for the revolution SW 29 June 1974

pp. 181-2: Ten years on SW 26 May 1979 [This is an edited and abridget version]

Class struggle in the 90s SW 18 July 1992

A Socialist Review, Lindsey German & Rob Hoveman (eds.), Bookmarks 1998

pp. 15-28: Fifty five years a revolutionary SR2 July 1987

pp. 46-53: Earthquake in the East SR2 December 1989

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Gaia: tidsskrift for international solidaritet (nr.81, forår 2017, 31 s.). Kvartalstidsskrift online med artikler om Trump og nyliberalismen, Etiopien, Cuba, Filippinerne, Israel og Columbia.

Against the Current (Issue 188, May-June 2017). Amerikansk socialistisk tidsskrift online med artikler bl.a. om Trumps politik, Latinamerikas højredrejning, Den Russiske Revolution og arbejderdemokrati + mange boganmeldelser.

Kritisk Debat (17. april 2017). Online med 16 artikler, bl.a. om Socialdemokraterne og højrepopulismen, Latinamerika, Frankrig, Indien, samt en længere artikel af Göran Therborn om ulighedens dynamik (fra New Left Review).

International Socialism (Issue 154, Spring 2017, 223 p.). Britisk kvartalstidsskrift online med artikler bl.a om Donald Trump og den neoliberalistiske verdensorden, antisemitisme og højrefløjen, den russiske revolution og Lenins April-teser, klasseanalyse, Frantz Fanon, Engels og menneskets forhistorie + boganmeldelser.

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Michael Robert - blogging from a Marxist economist
"First-rate Marxist political economy, deployed for both analysis and polemic, lucidly explained and supported by illuminating graphs and tables."

Marxist books on the global financial crisis and capitalism
Linkbox med et udvalg af nyere marxistiske bøger på engelsk. Med anmeldelser, debat og interviews - og nye bøger (2016) af Michael Roberts og Anwar Shaikh.

Radical economic theories of the current economic crisis (pdf, 23 sider)
Union of Radical Political Economics, sommerkonference 2012.
Med bidrag fra Steve Keen, Andrew Kliman, David M. Kotz, Arthur MacEwan, Fred Moseley, Thomas I. Palley, Jack Rasmus, Michael Roberts, Anwar Shaikh og Richard Wolff.


Af Nathan Schneider

Ingen ledere, ingen vold

28. februar | Hvad indebærer begrebet om en mangfoldighed af taktikker for Occupy Wall Street? Således spørger Nathan Schneider, der selv er med i bevægelsen, i den nye bog »Vi er de 99%«.

25. februar
Folkedrabets moralske historie

23. februar
Assad-regimets krig mod egen befolkning

20. februar
»Tom« har forladt os


Af Camilla Tved

10 gode grunde til at se ”10 timer til Paradis”

19. februar | Den meget omtalte og roste spillefilmsdebut fra Mads Mathiesen gør det nemt for publikum. Læs her hvorfor en af QueerKrafts anmeldere blev blød i knæene og nu ønsker sig en (...)

7 kommentarer

17. februar
Queerfeministisk antiracistisk kritik

11. februar
Anders Behring Breivik og kampen om forklaringen

7. februar
Arabiske kvinders kamp i skyggen af islamisternes valgsejre


Af Ulrikke Moustgaard, Kvinfo

»Kønskvoter styrker konkurrenceevnen«

27. februar | Direktøren i det norske Finansnæringens Arbeidsgiverforening mener, at kønskvoter er det bedste, der er sket for Norges globale konkurrencedygtighed.

24. februar
Faglig énmandshær er død

22. februar
Støt de græske stålarbejdere

19. februar
Lønarbejderne skal tilbage til centrum-venstre!


Af Sune Hundebøll

Løb i varmen

27. februar | Mens vi udfordres af februarkulden, har løbere sat hinanden i stævne nær Tindouf i Algeriet. Deres udfordring er varmen og 42,195 kilometers løb gennem ørkenen.

24. februar
Kontrafon: fra Nørrebros undergrund til P3

22. februar
KODA freder YouTube

22. februar
Piratradio på standby af frygt for myndighederne


Af Rina Ronja Kari

Så går det løs igen

29. februar | 10:40

Af Elizabeth Japsen

Avantgardisten Holberg anno 1721 og 8 marts

28. februar | 09:23

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Af Karen Helveg Petersen

»De faktiske forhold i jernindustrien…«

27. februar | 17:01

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Af Søren Søndergaard


27. februar | 08:52

2 kommentarer

Af Henrik Chulu

Digitalt forår

27. februar | 01:22

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Af Lise Jonassen

Vi er ikke svage - vi har bare ikke arbejde

26.februar | 11:57

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Stop ACTA nu Demonstration 25-02-2012

Billeder fra demoen mod ACTA lørdag d. 25/2-2012

Lavet af Filip S -


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@Grølheim Hvem og hvad giver dig din absurde tro på, at Assad-regimet (...)

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