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American Socialist
- Isaac Deutscher: Message of the non-jewish Jew (September 1958)
"By virtue of his special environment and social position, the ’non-Jewish Jew from Spinoza to Freud has often made important contributions to science, culture, politics."

CanPal (Canada-Palestine suppport Network)
- Norman Finkelstein: Is Criticism of Israel Anti-Semitic? (Working TV; May 15, 2004 Public Forum; the Vancouver Public Library) Intro + 7 parts, app. 107 min.)

In Defence of Marxism
- Yossi Schwartz: The origins of the Jews (15 December 2003)
"For the working class it is important to understand the difference between the ugly anti-Semitism (anti-Jewish) on the one hand and the struggle against imperialism and colonialism including that of the Israeli state on the other. For this reason a short history of the Jews and anti-Semitism, including the role of the Zionist movement, is important."
- Part 1: Introduction
- Part 2: The rise of Anti-Semitism
- Part 3: Anti-Semitism and Zionism
- Part 4: Bolshevism, the Bund, and Stalinism

International Socialism
- John Newsinger: The Labour Party, anti-Semitism and Zionism (Issue 153, Winter 2017, p.119-148)
"... the essential underpinning of the Labour Party’s commitment to Zionism was, from the beginning and continues to be today, its usefulness first to the British Empire and, since the 1950s, to the British State’s ’special relationship’ with US imperialism."
- Tom Hickey and Philip Marfleet: The ’South Africa moment’: Palestine, Israel and the boycott (Issue 128, Autumn 2010, p.31-55)
"This article examines the background to these developments [Boycott Campaigns], the lessons from previous campaigns for boycotts and sanctions, and the implications for the Palestinian movement."

International Socialist Review
Apartheid Israel and the contradictions of left Zionism. Interview with Tikva Honig-Parnass (Issue 72, July-August 2010)
"Israeli socialist activist Tikva Honig-Parnass fought in the 1948 War as a Zionist. Years later she would break with Zionism and join the ranks of the Israeli Socialist Organization, also known by the name of its publication, Matzpen (’Compass’)."
Israelis and Palestinians: Conflict & resolution (Issue 65, May-June 2009)
"Israeli socialist Moshé Machover on the roots of conflict and what it will take to resolve it."
- Annie Zirin: The hidden history of Zionism (Issue 24, July-August 2002)
"What kind of national liberation movement allies itself in every case and at every moment in its history with the powers of world imperialism? What national liberation struggle built its very existence on the colonization of another people, on the obliteration of that people’s history, their culture, and their land?"
- Moshe Machover/Akiva Orr: The class character of Israel (1969) (Issue 23, May-June 2002)
"’The class character of Israeli society’, first published in 1969, represents a pioneering Marxist analysis on the nature of the working class in Israel. Its authors, members of the now-defunct Israeli Socialist Organization, capture the uniqueness of Israeli society - ’financed by imperialism without being exploited by it’. Although there have been many changes inside Israel and internationally, this article remains an important starting point for any discussion of the dynamics of Israeli society."
- Lance Selfa: Zionism : False Messiah (Issue 4, Spring 1998, p.9-15)
"No doubt all sorts of distorted history and ideological claptrap will accompany the media’s ’celebration’ of Israel’s 50th anniversary. This is understandable, if only because the real history of Zionism and Israel is so sordid."
- Lance Selfa: Israel : the U.S. watchdog (Issue 4, Spring 1998, p.16-23)

Links: International Journal of Socialist Renewal
- Kim Bullimore: Palestine: Zionism, class and occupation (Issue 30, 2007)
"While much has been written about the Palestinian struggle for national liberation, little has been written by the revolutionary and radical left that explores in depth the class nature of Zionism, the Israeli state or Palestinian society. The ongoing absence of a class-based analysis results in confusion not only about the class nature of the Israeli state but also about Palestinian society and the resistance."

Texter om Israel
Texter om Palestina-frågan

Middle East Information Center
- Edward Said: Zionism from the standpoint of its victims (1979)
"Said’s investigation of the history and ideology of Zionism raised hackles from different quarters. Some Jewish critics, such as Robert Wistrich, protested the connections Said made between Zionism and European colonialism."

Middle East Report
- Jeff Halper: The 94 percent solution: A matrix of control (Issue 216, Fall 2000)
"What is the matrix of control? It is an interlocking series of mechanisms, only a few of which require physical occupation of territory, that allow Israel to control every aspect of Palestinian life in the Occupied Territories."
- Theme: Who paid the price : 50 years of Israel (Issue 207, Summer 1998):
- Steve Niva: Countering Israel’s 50th on the Internet: Al-Nakba Websites document Palestinian dispossession
- Oren Yiftachel: Democracy or Ethnocracy : Territory and settler politics in Israel/Palestine

Middle East Report Online
- Jonathan Cook: The myth of Israel’s liberal Supreme Court exposed (February 23, 2012)
"Little more than a decade ago ... the Israeli Supreme Court issued two landmark rulings that, it was widely assumed, heralded the advent of a new, post-Zionist era for Israel. But with two more watershed judgments handed down over the winter of 2011-2012 the same court has decisively reversed the tide."
- Jeff Halper: Sharon’s national unity government: shoring up the ’Iron Wall’ (March 13, 2001)
"In a famous article entitled ’The Iron Wall’, published in 1923, Ze’ev Jabotinsky articulated a cardinal principle of the Zionist enterprise: Zionism should endeavor to bring about a Jewish state in the whole land of Israel, regardless of the Arab response."

Middle East Research and Information Project
- Joel Beinin and Lisa Hajjar: Palestine, Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict: A primer (2014, 16 p.)
The publication was first published in 1991 and then updated in 2001. Obviously, much has happened in Israel-Palestine since then. By popular demand, Beinin and Hajjar have comprehensively updated and revised the primer. See also the article as a pdf-file.

Mike Haynes Homepage
Preliminary summary of relative cost in deaths of conflict to Palestinians, Israelis and related groups (2010)
"How many have died in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians? A rough calculation with sources is here of some of the recent elements."

Monthly Review
- Jacques Hersh: Inconvenient truths about ‘real existing’ Zionism (Vol.61, No.1, May 2009)
"To understand what has happened, it may be useful to go back to the roots of Zionism and to include the forces external to the movement that influenced the evolution of Jewish politics. Awareness of the past is of importance to any analysis of the present as well as projections of the future."

The Nation
- Avi Shlaim: A somber Anniversary (May 8, 2008)
"Sixty years after the founding of the State of Israel, the long conflict with the Palestinians, and with the Arab world at large, casts a pall over Israeli life."

New International
- Hal Draper: Israel’s Arab minority: The beginning of a tragedy (Vol. 22, No.2, Summer 1956, p.86-106)
"Today we find that, in truth, the setting up of the Zionist state coincided with a process whereby the large majority of the Palestinian Arabs found themselves separated from their land and homes. How did this happen?"
- Hal Draper: Israel’s Arab minority: The great land robbery (Vol.13, No.1, Winter 1957, p.7-30)
- L. Rock [i.e. Tony Cliff]: Class politics in Palestine (Vol.5, No.6, June 1939)
"The political problem of Palestine must be considered from two main points: first, a definition of the essence of the Arabian national movement, and, second, the role played by Jewish immigration and settlement."
- L. Rock [i.e. Tony Cliff]: The Jewish-Arab conflict (Vol.6, No.11, November 1938)
"The collision in the Arab-Jewish conflict is between two national exclusivist movements (between Zionism and the feudal, semi-bourgeois Arab leadership on the one hand, and on the other the struggle of the Arab masses against Zionism."

New Left Review
- Perry Anderson: The House of Zion (Issue 96, November-December 2015, p.5-37)
"The fate of the Palestinians and the fortunes of Israel, after fifty years of occupation, and American and European collusion with it. Realities behind the official tropes decorating a ‘two-state solution’, and hesitations of nascent debate over a single state in the territory once ruled as a mandate by Britain."
- Perry Anderson: Scurrying towards Bethlehem (Issue 10, July-August 2001, p.1-30)
"Behind the second Intifada lies a century of conflict in Palestine. What are its roots, and what are its prospects? The Oslo Accords, the Israeli landscape and the Arab world."
- Gabriel Piterberg: Erasures (Issue 10, July-August 2001, p.31-46)
"How the founding myths of Israel dictated conceptual removal of Palestinians, during and after physical removal. The invention of ‘retroactive transfer’ and ‘present absentees’ as the glacial euphemisms of ethnic cleansing.

New Politics
- Jason Schulman: The life and death of Socialist Zionism (Vol. 9, No. 3, Whole No. 35, Summer 2003)
"In previos decades it was not uncommon for democratic leftists, Jewish ones in particular, to believe that the state of Israel was on the road to exemplifying - as Irving Howe once put it - ’the democratic socialist hope of combining radical social change with political freedom’. But times have obviously changed."

The Official Website of Norman G. Finkelstein
An introduction to the Israel-Palestine conflict
From the introduction of Finkelsteins book: Image and reality of the Israel-Palestine conflict (Verso, 2003, p. xi-xxxviii)

Palestine Remembered
- Ann M. Lesch: Zionism and its impact
The article is from Encyclopedia of the Palestinians, edited by Phillip Mattar (2000).
Large survey article about Zionism.

RS21: Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century
Village by village, town by town – how Zionists tried to destroy Palestine in 1948 (November 11, 2014)
"In the sixth and final part of his series on Zionism, imperialism and the Palestinians, Neil Rogall describes the Nakba – the establishment of the Israeli state and catastrophe for Palestine." With links to Part 1-5: The Origins of Zionism - Palestine, the Great War and imperialism - The origins of the Iron Wall: Zionist settlers during the mandate - The Birth of Palestinian Resistance and the 1936 uprising - Making the Palestinians the scapegoats for Nazi crimes.

Socialist Review
- Ilan Pappe: Israel, the Holocaust and the Nakba (May 2008)
"Acclaimed anti-Zionist historian Ilan Pappe looks at the legacy of the Nazi persecution of Jews, and the complicity of world leaders, past and present, in maintaining the occupation in Palestine."
- Tony Cliff: The Jews, Israel and the Holocaust (Issue 219, May 1998, p.20-22)
"On the 50th anniversary of the state of Israel, Tony Cliff looks at the roots of Zionism while John Rose charts the history of the Israeli state."
- John Rose: State of aggression (Issue 219, May 1998, p.22-23)

Socialist Worker (UK)
Israel: a vicious child of imperialist powers
"Israel’s assault on the Freedom Flotilla last week was not an aberration. The state of Israel was born in violence - and continues to exist because of its perpetual use of violence."
Ilan Pappe on how Israel was founded on ethnic cleansing (Issue 2011, 29. juli 2006)
"Acclaimed anti-Zionist historian Ilan Pappe on Israel and the history of it’s destructive role in the Middle East."
Analysing Zionism (Issue 1984, 21 January 2006)
"Last year saw the publication of two new books on this topic. Author Jacqueline Rose speaks to Anindya Bhattacharyya about her work, The Question of Zion, while Ronnie Kasrils responds to John Rose’s book The Myths of Zionism."
- Daphna Thier: The myth of liberal Zionism (June 13, 2011)
"Many Israelis say they are horrified by the rise of right in their country - but the war on Palestinians was carried out for years by ’left’ Zionists."

Weekly Worker
Zionism and anti-Semitism (Issue 1105, 5 May 2016). Interview with Israeli socialist Moshé Machover.
"In its essence [Zionism] is a political project, the project of colonising Palestine by Jews and turning it into a nation-state with an overwhelming Jewish majority."
- Leandros Fischer: Left Zionism exposed (Issue 898, January 26, 2012). Review of Tikva Honig-Parnass, False Prophets of Peace: Liberal Zionism and the Struggle for Palestine (Haymarket Books, 2011)
"It is not only an academically brilliant work, backed up by a thorough description of contemporary left Zionist and post-Zionist discourse in Israel, but also an accessible and useful handbook for activists engaged in the struggle for Palestinian rights."
Zionist collaborators with Nazism revealed (Issue 792, 5 November 2009)
"Tony Greenstein reviews two books by Francis Nicosia: The Third Reich and the Palestine question (London, 1985, 320 p.) and Zionism and anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany (Cambridge, 2008, 344 p.)
- Moshé Machover: Breaking the chains of Zionist oppression (Issue 757, February 19, 2009)
"A resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict cannot be achieved within the confines of ‘historical Palestine’. Moshé Machover calls for a socialist approach."
Unholy alliance (Issue 630, June 22, 2006)
"What is the link between Zionism and anti-semitism? Tony Greenstein explains that there is a closer connection than many modern Zionists would care to admit."
Zionism and the holocaust (Issue 631, June 29, 2006)
"Tony Greenstein continues his examination of the unholy alliance between anti-semitism and Zionism. With the coming to power of the Nazis the collaboration reached new depths."
Hungary, Auschwitz and rewriting the holocaust (Issue 632, July 6, 2006)
"In his third article on Zionism, Tony Greenstein continues his examination of collaboration and denial."
The real resistance (Issue 633, July 13 2006)
"Popular opposition to anti-semitism saved thousands of Jews under Nazi occupation, writes Tony Greenstein in this concluding article - despite rather than because of Zionism."

Workers International News
- Tony Cliff: The Middle East at the crossroads (Vol.6, No.3, December 1945)
"The events of the last few weeks in the Middle East have drawn the attention of the whole world to what is happening in this region. The terroristic acts of Zionist military organizations, the strikes and demonstrations of the Arab masses in Cairo, Alexandria, Damascus, Beirut and Baghdad against Zionism, and the concentration of British troops in Palestine has aroused numerous questions."
- Part 2: The role of Zionism (Vol.6, No.4, January 1946)
- Part 3: The role of Stalinism (Vol.6, No.5, February-March 1946)

Workers’ Liberty
The Trotskyists and the creation of Israel: Nine key documents, 1929-1948 (3/13, 2007)
"Articles by Hal Draper, The Fourth International, The Revolutionary Communist League of Palestine, Max Shachtman, Albert Glotzer and Ernest Mandel."

World Socialist Web Site
- Jean Shaoul: Deep unease as Israel celebrates its 60th anniversary (8 May 2008)
"Despite the celebrations, not one of the commentators outside or within Israel has been able to disguise the deep sense of unease and disillusionment that pervades Israel."
- Jean Shaoul: The economic, social and political disaster produced by the Zionist project, Part 1-2 (January 2006)
"In short, Israel with all its cultural advantages, an educated workforce, and massive aid, is an economic and political disaster, dominated by enormous social inequality. The Israeli government does not represent the interests of the majority of the Jewish people who live in Israel, let alone the Jewish people all over the world."
- Jean Shaoul: Terrorism and the origins of Israel, Part 1 (21 June 2003) + Part 2 (23 June 2003)
"The Zionists of all political colours used terrorist methods to achieve statehood - something that present-day Zionists seem to have forgotten when they talk about refusing to negotiate with the Palestinians whom they routinely refer to as ’terrorists’."
- Jean Shaoul: The political dead end of labour Zionism, Part 1-3 (April 2001)
"This three-part article examines the historical process that has led Israel’s Labour Party to form a coalition government with Likud under Ariel Sharon, and its participation in the brutal suppression of the Palestinian intifada."
- Part 1: The origins and class character of political Zionism (5 April)
- Part 2: The convergence of the Labour Zionists and Revisionist Zionism (6 April)
- Part 3: The June 1967 & ’Six Day War’: A turning point in the evolution of Israel (7 April)

Wikipedia, , the free encyclopedia
The First Zionist CFongress (1897)
1948 Palestinian exodus
Nakba Day
Causes of the 1948 Palestinian exodus


Al-Ahram Weekly
1948-2002 - The Nakbah continiues (Issue No.586, 16-22 May 2002)
Special issue with articles by Ilan Pappe, Salman Abu Sitta, Tikva Honig-Parnas and M Shahid Alam.
1948-1998 (1998)
"Special pages commemorating 50 years of Arab dispossession since the creation of the State of Israel." Compilation of articles and photographs.

The Electronic Intifada
- Topic: Historical Documents
Key Historical Events

If Americans Knew
What every American need to know about Israel/Palestine.
Contents: History, Statistics, Current situation, US interest, Media analysis.

Institute for Palestine Studies (IPS)
"The only institute in the world exclusively devoted to documentation, research, analysis, and publication on Palestinian affairs and the Arab-Israeli conflict."

Journal of Palestine Studies
"The Journal is the only English language quarterly devoted exclusively to the study of Palestinian affairs and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Through its articles and interviews, it gives readers a full range of outlooks of scholars, decision makers, foreign policy analysts, journalists, and political activists of various nationalities-Arab, American, European, and Israeli." The articles is not for free online.

Marxists Internet Archive
Jews, Marxism and the Worker’s Movement
"A subject index of texts from Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Leon and Luxemburg; texts from the Jewish Socialist and Labor Movement and the effect on the Jewish working class of the Russian Revolution."
Middle East
Books and articles.

Middle East 1916-2001 : A Documentary Record
The Avalon Project of the Yale University Law School i New Haven, Connecticut.
"Digital documents relevant to the Middle East history fields of law, history, economics, politics, diplomacy and government."

1948 : Lest We Forget
The Zionist Project
The Concept of Transfer

Palestine Remembered, al Nakba 1948-
"A comprehensive source of information about about the villages and cities that were ethnically cleansed, looted, and destroyed by the Israeli army."
Palestinian history, a chronology : From the earliest times until 1949
Zionist quotes
Zionists frequently asked questions
Palestine Maps

Palestine - Home of History
Palestinian biography
Israeli biography
Historical documents
- Timeline 1900-1979 + Timeline Index 1900-2006

Reds - Die Roten
- Collections of articles about Israel & Palestine

The Zionist Library
A reference area for essential texts.
"The purpose of this site is to make available to researchers, students and the general reader many of the fundamental texts of Zionism, generally in English translation, focusing on the pre-World War I period. In addition to these texts, links to other useful resource sites are available." See also Zionism at Jewish Virtual Library.


English booklists

Some suggested general sources on the Israeli-Palestine conflict
Assembled by Stephen Shalom (2001)

Books in English online

The Origin of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
Published by Jews for Justice in the Middle East (2001)
"Our position, however, is that the Palestinians have a real grievance: their homeland for over a thousand years was taken, without their consent and mostly by force, during the creation of the state of Israel. And all subsequent crimes - on both sides - inevitably follow from this original injustice."

Comrades and Enemies: Arab and Jewish Workers in Palestine, 1906-1948
By Zacharay Lockman (University of California Press, 1996, 440 p.)
"Zachary Lockman explores the mutually formative interactions between the Arab and Jewish working classes, labor movements, and worker-oriented political parties in Palestine just before and during the period of British colonial rule."

Israel: Politics, Myths and Identity Crises (pdf)
By Akiva Orr (Pluto Press, 1994, 198 p.)
"This book consists of various essays dealing with the politics and ideology of Zionism, the sociology of Israel and politics of ethnicity generally. Some of these essays were written during the last twenty years, some are new."

Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years (pdf)
By Israel Shahak (London, Pluto Press, 1994, 127 p.).
"Drawing on the Talmud and rabbinical laws,Israel Shahak embarks on a provocative study of the extent to which the secular state of Israel has been shaped by religious orthodoxies of an invidious and potentially lethal nature."
Book review by Simon Behrman (Socialist Review, November 2008)

Israel: The Hijack State : America’s Watchdog in the Middle East
By John Rose (Socialist Workers Party, 1986, 62 p.)
"Israel’s evolution has seen the increasing use of state terror on a monumental scale. This, combined with American backing for the militarisation of its economy, has turned Israel into a ruthless outpost for Western domination of the Middle East. The pious noises about ’terrorism’ from Israel, America and indeed Britain, conceal this deeper motivation."

Israel’s Sacred Terrorism: A Study Based on Moshe Sharett’s Personal Diary and Other Documents
By Livia Rokach. With a foreword by Noam Chomsky (AAUG Press, 1986, 68 p.)
"The recently published Personal Diary of Moshe Sharett (1979) now offers a decisive and authoritative contribution to the demystification of the myth of lsrael’s security and its security policies. Between 1933 and 1948 Sharett guided the foreign relations of the Zionist movement, as head of the Jewish Agency’s Political Department, and from 1948 to 1956 he was lsrael’s foreign minister. In 1954 and 1955 he was its prime minister as well."

The Iron Wall: Zionist Revisionism from Jabotinsky to Shamir
By Lenni Brenner (Zed Press, 1984, 221 p.)
"History of the Zionist Revisionist current, which has become the dominant force in Israeli politics."

Zionism in the Age of the Dictators: A Reappraisal
By Lenni Brenner (Lawrence Hill Books, 1983, 277 p., online at Internet Archive WayBackMachine)
"Devastating study demonstrating in detail how the Zionists were much more interested in establishing a Zionist state in Palestine than in making any efforts to defend European Jewry against anti-semitic attacks in the period between the two World Wars."
Zionism in the Age of the Dictators. By Lenni Brenner (Counterpunch, February 24, 2014). "Lenni Brenner on his book by the same name, on the occasion of a new edition published in 2014." (On Our Own Authority! Publishing; Updated edition, 346 p., February 4, 2014)
51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration With The Nazis. Edited by Lenni Brenner (Barricade Books, 2002, 360 p.). "This book presents 51 historic documents to indict Zionism for repeated attempts to collaborate with Adolf Hitler."
51 Documents. By Lenni Brenner (Counterpunch, December 23, 2002). Lenni Brenner on the publication of the collection of documents above.

The unJewish state: The Politics of Jewish Identity in Israel (pdf)
By Akiva Orr (Ithaca Press, 1983, 246 p.)
"This book describes the collapse of a cultural identity. It deals with the numerous attempts - and failures - over the last thirty years to provide a secular definition of Jewish identity in Israel."

Zionism: False Messiah
By Nathan Weinstock. With introductionary interview with Moshe Machover (Ink Links, 1979, 330 p.; online at Internet Archive WayBackMachine) "Zionism: False Messiah has as its subject one of the most historically complex and controversy-laden developments of this century: the rise of the Zionist movement, its implantation in Palestine and the eventual establishment of the state of Israel."

The Other Israel: The Radical Case Against Zionism
Edited by Arie Bober (Anchor Books, 1972, 264 p.)
"Collection of articles and documents produced by the Israeli Socialist Organization (Matzpen) in the late 1960s and early 1970s." See especially part 3: A critique of Zionist ideology.
See also the book as pdf-file (Marxists Internet Archive).

The Jewish Question: A Marxist Interpretation
By Abram Leon (1946/1970, 270 p.)
Introduction by Nat Weinstein (Socialist Viewpoint, Vol.2, No.3, March 2002)

The Problem of the Middle East
By Tony Cliff (unpublished manuscript, 1946; published at the Marxists Internet Archive, June 2011)
See chapter 19: Zionism

Other Books in English

Israelis and Palestinians: Conflict and Resolution
By Moshé Machover (Haymarket Books, 2012, 327 p.)
"The veteran Israeli socialist, Moshé Machover, has just brought out a wonderful collection of writings, chiefly his own, on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is no exaggeration to say that this book is the best possible introduction to the topic for English-speaking readers."
Zionism, imperialism, and socialism. Review by Tom Mayer (Monthly Review, Vol.65, No.6, November 2013)
Realities of Zionism. Review by David Finkel (Against the Current, Issue 164, May-June 2013)
The intersemitic crisis. Review by Chris Gray (Weekly Worker, Issue 944, January 10, 2013)
Israel-Palestine: Race against history. By Moshé Machover (Weekly Worker, Issue 944, January 10, 2013)
Conflict & resolution: Israelis and Palestinians. By Moshé Machover (International Socialist Review, Issue Issue 65, May-June 2009)
One democratic state in historic Palestine: a socialist viewpoint. By Tikva Honig-Parnass (International Socialist Review, Issue 90, July 2013)
Matzpen - The Socialist Organization in Israel (site)

Palestinians in Israel: Segregation, Discrimination and Democracy
By Ben White (Pluto Press, 2012, 128 p.)
"[The book] considers a key issue ignored by the official ’peace process’ and most mainstream commentators: that of the growing Palestinian minority within Israel itself."
Review by Joe Glenton (Counterfire, 15 March 2012)

False Prophets of Peace: Liberal Zionism and the Struggle for Palestine
By Tikva Honig-Parnass (Haymarket Books, 2011, 264 p.)
"Through a critical analysis of the prevailing discourse of Zionist intellectuals and activists on the Jewish-democratic state, it uncovers the Zionist left’s central role in laying the foundation of the colonial settler state of Israel ..."
Debunking the myth of the Zionist left. Review by Mich Levy and Max Ajl (Jadaliyya, June 14, 2013)
Realities of Zionism. Review by David Finkel (Against the Current, Issue 164, May-June 2013)
Palestine and liberal Zionism. Review by Hadas Thier (International Socialist Review, Issue 85, September 2012)
New book deconstructs myth that the Zionist left wants peace. Review by Jimmy Johnson (The Electronic Intifada, 2 March 2012)
Review by Ludwig Watzal (Palestine Chronicle, 02/22/2012)
Left Zionism exposed. Review by Leandros Fischer (Weekly Worker, Issue 898, January 26, 2012)
One democratic state in historic Palestine: a socialist viewpoint. By Tikva Honig-Parnass (International Socialist Review, Issue 90, July 2013)
Apartheid Israel and the contradictions of left Zionism (International Socialist Review, Issue 72, July 2010). Tikva Honig-Parnass interviewed by Leo Fischer.

The Forgotten Palestinians: A History of the Palestinians in Israel
By Ilan Pappe (Yale University Press, 2011, 336 p.)
"In this book, historian Ilan Pappé examines how Israeli Palestinians have fared under Jewish rule and what their lives tell us about both Israel’s attitude toward minorities and Palestinians’ attitudes toward the Jewish state."
Review by Elaine Graham-Leigh (Counterfire, 12 April 2012)
Review by Khalil Nakhleh (The Palestinine Chronicle, 09/02/2011)

The Invention of the Jewish People
By Shlomo Sand (Verso, 2009, 400 p.)
"Leading Israeli historian evaluates the national myth of the Jewish exile from the promised land."
- Linkbox: Shlomo Sand & The Invention of the Jewish People (

Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner’s Guide
By Ben White (Pluto Press, 2009, 172 p.)
"Indispensable for the Palestinian solidarity movement, [the book] distils the work of academics and experts into a highly readable introduction. This is the book to read if you want to understand the root of the conflict and how apartheid applies to the situation in Palestine."
Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner’s Guide (site)
Nyttig guide til den zionistiske apartheid. Af Irene Clausen (Arbejderen, 21. oktober 2009)
Book review by James Haywood (Socialist Review, September 2009)

The Returns of Zionism: Myths, Politics and Scholarship in Israel
By Gabriel Piterberg (Verso, 2008, 298 p.)
"In this original and wide-ranging study, Gabriel Piterberg examines the ideology and literature behind the colonization of Palestine, from the late nineteenth century to the present. Exploring Zionism’s origins in Central-Eastern European nationalism and settler movements, he shows how its texts can be placed within a wider discourse of western colonization."
Zionism’s many "Returns". Review by Jimmy Johnson (Against the Current, Issue 152, May-June 2011)
Between moral outrage and historical analysis. Review by Tony Greenstein (Weekly Worker, Issue 751, January 8 2009)
Zionism under the microscope. Review by John Rose (International Socialism, Issue 120, Autumn 2008)
The returns of Zionism. Review by Simon Behrman (Socialist Review, July/August 2008)
Erasures. By Gabriel Piterberg (New Left Review, Issue 10, July-August 2001)

Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History
By Norman G. Finkelstein. Updated edition (University of California Press, 2008, 412 p.)
"Meticulously researched and tightly argued, Beyond Chutzpah points to a consensus among historians and human rights organizations on the factual record of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Norman G. Finkelstein exposes the corruption of scholarship and the contrivance of controversy shrouding human rights abuses, and interrogates the new anti-Semitism."
Beyond Chutzpah (Norman G. Finkelstein). With articles and reviews of the book.
Dershowitz–Finkelstein affair (
The case against Alan Dershowitz: Plagiarism, cover up and misrepresentations. By Frank J. Menetrez (CounterPunch, February 11, 2008) + Debate (February 26, 2008)
Scholar Norman Finkelstein calls Professor Alan Dershowitz’s new book on Israel a ’Hoax’ (Democracy Now! September 24, 2003)

An Israeli in Palestine: Resisting Dispossession, Redeeming Israel
By Jeff Halper (Pluto Press, 2008, 336 p.)
"In this book, the Israeli anthropologist and activist Jeff Halper throws a harsh light on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the point of view of a critical insider. While the Zionist founders of Israel created a vibrant society, culture and economy, they did so at a high price: Israel could not maintain its exclusive Jewish character without imposing on the country’s Palestinian population policies of ethnic cleansing, occupation and discrimination ..."
Et kritisk blik på den israelsk-palæstinensiske konflikt. Anmeldelse af Michael Irving Jensen (Information, 12. april 2008)
Review by Raymond Deane (The Electronic Intifada, 17 March 2008)

Overcoming Zionism: Creating a Single Democratic State in Israel/Palestine
By Joel Kovel (Pluto Press, 2007, 320 p.)
"Joel Kovel argues that the inner contradictions of Zionism have led Israel to a ‘state-sponsored racism’ fully as incorrigible as that of apartheid South Africa and deserving of the same resolution. Only a path toward a single-state secular democracy can provide the justice essential to healing the wounds of the Middle East."
See the author’s site.
Review and debate in Against the Current:
- David Finkel: Political war over Palestine (No.131, Nov/Dec 2007)
- Joel Kovel: A reply on overcoming Zionism (No.132, Jan/Feb 2008)
- David Finkel: A rejoinder to Joel Kovel (No.133, March/April 2008)

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
By Ilan Pappe (One World, 2006, 313 p.)
"The renowned Israeli historian revisits the formative period of the State of Israel. Between 1947 and 1949, over 400 Palestinian villages were deliberately destroyed, and civilians were massacred. This book unveils the hidden and systematic ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians in 1948, and its relevance to resolving the conflict."
Danish edition: Den etniske udrensning af Palæstina (Forlaget Klim, 2012)
Ethnic cleansing: Palestine reality. Review by Joel Finkel (Against the Current, No.139, March/April 2009)
Ethnic cleansing: Palestine reality. Review by Joel Finkel (Against the Current, No.139, March/April 2009)
Planning the terror that created Israel. Review by Mostafa Omar (International Socialist Review, Issue 57, January-February 2008)
The 1948 ethnic cleansing of Palestine (pdf). By Ilan Pappé (Journal of Palestine Studies, Autumn 2006, p.6-20)
Pappe and Israel’s new historians. By Kit Weiner (Against the Current, No.152, May-June 2011)

Blood and Religion: The Unmasking of the Jewish and Democratic State
By Jonathan Cook (Pluto Press, 2006, 248 p.)
"Jonathan Cook’s timely and important book on the Palestinians in Israel is by far the most penetrating and comprehensive on the subject to date ... [He] builds, through exhaustive reference to the Hebrew press, a convincing picture of ethnocratic Zionism constantly preoccupied with a central dilemma: how to rid the land of its indigenous people."
See the author’s site, with extracts and reviews of the book.

A History of Modern Palestine: One Land, Two Peoples
By Ilan Pappe. Second edition (Cambridge University Press, 2006, 384 p.)
"Ilan Pappe’s book traces the history of Palestine from the Ottomans in the nineteenth century, through the British Mandate, the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, and the subsequent wars and conflicts which have dominated this troubled region. The second edition of Pappe’s book has been updated to include the dramatic events of the 1990s and the early twenty-first century."
See the author’s site, with review of the book.
See also Kit Weiner: Pappe and Israel’s New Historians (Against the Current, No.152, May-June 2011)

On the Border
By Michel Warschawski (Pluto Press, 2005, 240 p.)
"On the Border chronicles a radical political education in a time and place charged with idealism and danger. A Polish Frenchman and a rabbi’s son, Michel Warschawski left for Israel at the age of sixteen to to study the Talmud, and eventually became one of the most renowned figures of the Israeli left."
See the authors blog at the Alternative Information Center
Review by Moshé Machover (Iran Bulletin/Middle East Left Forum, 2007)
An Israeli Anti-Zionist memoir. Review by Larry Hochman (Against the Current, No.118, September/October 2005)
The side of justice. Review by Ghada Karmi (Socialist Review, Juli 2005)

The Myths of Zionism
By John Rose (Pluto Press, 2004)
"Chapter-by-chapter, John Rose scrutinises the roots of the myths of Zionism. Mobilising recent scholarship, he separates fact from fiction presenting a detailed analysis of their origins and development. This includes a challenge to Zionism’s biblical claims using very recent and very startling Israeli archaeological conclusions."
Friday night, saturday morning. Review by Beccy Reese (Socialist Review, November 2004)
Review by Emad El-Din Marei Aysha (Logos, Vol.4, No.4, Fall 2005)
The false promise. Review by Sabby Sagall (International Socialism, Issue 105, Winter 2005)

Toward an Open Tomb: The Crisis of Israeli Society
By Michel Warschawski (Monthly Review Press, 2004, 128 p.)
"Warschawski has the keen eye of an Israeli insider. He develops a powerful critique of Israeli policies with a persuasive power drawn from his own Jewish origins and his deepening devotion to what he regards as the best Jewish traditions."
- Chapter 8: The new Israel (Monthly Review, Vol.56, No.7, December 2004)
A final warning? Review by David Finkel (Against the Current, No.113, November/December 2004)

Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict
By Norman Finkelstein. Second edition (Verso, 2003, xxxviii, 287 p.)
First published in 1995, this highly acclaimed study scrutinizes popular and scholarly representations of the Israel-Palestine conflict. It begins with a novel theoretical inter-pretation of Zionism, and then moves on to critically engage the influential studies of Joan Peters, Benny Morris, and Anita Shapira. Carefully rehearsing the documentary record, Finkelstein also challenges the dominant images of the June 1967 and October 1973 Arab-Israeli wars. In a comprehensive new introduction, he provides the most succinct overview available in the English language of the Israel-Palestine conflict ..."
See also the author’s site + +

The Politics of Denial: Israel and the Palestinian Refugee Problem
By Nur Masalha (Pluto Press, 2003, 304 p.)
"The aim of this book is to analyze Israeli policies towards the Palestinian refugees as they evolved from the 1948 catastrophe (or nakba) to the present. Masalha discusses the 1948 exodus; Israeli resettlement schemes since 1948; Israeli approaches to compensation and restitution of property; Israeli refugee policies towards the internally displaced (’present absentees’); and Israeli refugee policies during the Madrid and Oslo negotiations."

Apartheid Israel: Possibilities for the Struggle Within
By Uri Davis (Zed Books, 2003, 242 p.)
"In this book, a sequel to Israel: An Apartheid State (1987), Uri Davis provides a critical insight into how it was possible for Jewish people, the victims of Nazi genocide in the Second World War, to subject the Palestinian people, beginning with the 1948-49 war, to such criminal policies as mass deportation, population transfers and ethnic cleansing, prolonged military government (with curfews, roadblocks and the like), and economic, social, cultural, civil and political strangulation, punctuated by Apache helicopters strafing civilians and their homes."
See the authors site.
Living in a state of terror. Review by Gary Duke (Socialist Review, April 2004)
A final warning? Review by David Finkel (Against the Current, No.113, November/December 2004) (Scroll down)
Israel’s struggle within. An interview with Uri Davis by David Finkel (Against the Current, No.113, November/December 2004)

The Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel, and the Palestinians
By Noam Chomsky. Updated edition (Pluto Press, 1999, 587 p.)
"Since its original publication in 1983, Fateful Triangle has become a classic in the fields of political science and Middle East affairs. This new edition features new chapters and a new introduction by Noam Chomsky and a foreword by Edward Said."

The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World
By Avi Shlaim (Norton, 1999, 448 p.)
"A powerful revisionist history of Israeli policy toward the Arab world."
Israel at 60: the ’iron wall’ revisited. By Avi Shlaim (OpenDemocracy, 08.05.2008)

Expulsion of the Palestinians: The Concept of ’Transfer’ in Zionist Political Thought, 1882-1948
By Nur Masalha (Institute for Palestine Studies, 1992, 236 p.)
"In this meticulous work, based almost entirely on Hebrew archival material, Nur Masalha examines the Zionist concept of ’transfer’, or the expulsion of the Palestinian population to neighboring Arab lands. Masalha establishes the extent to which ’transfer’ was embraced by the highest levels of Zionist leadership, including virtually all the Founding Fathers of the Israeli state."
- Extract: ’A miraculous clearing of the land?’: The Zionist concept of ’Transfer’ and the 1948 Exodus.
Så gør vi sådan, når vi flytter et folk... Review by Ian Gilmour (Palæstina Orientering, nr. 1, marts 1993)

1948 and after: Israel and the Palestinians
By Benny Morris (Oxford University Press, 1990, 284 p.)
"This collections of essays serves as complement to the study The birth of the Palestinian refugee problem, 1947-1949. In part, these essays are based on materials discovered after completing The Birth."
1948 and after; Israel and the Palestinians (
’1948 and After’ revisited (pdf). Review essay by Nur Masalha (Journal of Palestine Studies, Summer 1995, p.90-95)

The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem, 1947-49
By Benny Morris (Cambridge University Press, 1989, 380 p.)
"This book is the first full-lenght historical study of the birth of the Palestinian refugee problem. Based on recently declassified Israeli, British and American state and party political papers and on collections of hitherto untapped private papers ..."
- Roane Carey: Dr. Benny and Mr. Morris: The historian and the twisted politics of expulsion (CounterPunch, July 19/20, 2008)
- Joel Beinin: Forgetfulness for memory: The limits of the new Israeli history (Winter 2005, p.6-23) (Journal of Palestine Studies, Vol.34, No.2, Winter 2004-05, p.6-23)
- Joel Beinin: No more tears: Benny Morris and the road back from Liberal Zionism (Middle East Report, Issue 230, Spring 2004)
- Walid Khalidi: Why did the Palestinians leave, revisited (Journal of Palestine Studies, Vol.34, No.2, Winter 2004-05, p.42-52)
Debate in Journal of Palestine Studies (Issue 81, Autumn 1991):
- Norman Finkelstein: Myths, old and new (pdf) (p.66-89)
- Nur Masalha: A critique of Benny Morris (pdf) (p.90-97)
- Benny Morris: Responses to Finkelstein and Masalha (p.98-114)
- Norman Finkelstein: Rejoinder to Benny Morris (pdf) (Issue 82, Winter 1992, p.61-71)

Blaming the Victims: Spurious Scholarship and the Palestinian Question
Edited by Edward W. Said and Christopher Hitchens (Verso, 1988/2001, 304 p.)
"Blaming the Victims demonstrates with cold precision how the consistent denial of truth about the Palestinians by governments and the media in the West ... Contributors include Norman G. Finkelstein, Peretz Kidron, Noam Chomsky, G. W. Bowerstock, Ibrahim Abu-Loghod, Rashid Khalidi, Janet L. Abu-Lughod, Muhammed Hallaj, and Elia Zureik."
Blaming the Victims (

The Birth of Israel: Myths and Realities
By Simha Flapan (Pantheon, 1987, 277 p.)
"The Israeli author demolishes, based on irrefutable Israeli sources, the seven basic myths upon which an aggressive Israel has depicted itself as the victim of aggression ... The most egregious of the seven delusions is that 750,000 Palestinians fled their homes in 1948-1949 in response to calls from their leaders, who asked them to get out of the way temporarily while the Jews were driven into the sea. Flapan poignantly concedes that he, like most Israelis, accepted this and the other six myths as the core of Israel’s self-perception."
- From the Introduction: Israel’s birth myths (p.8-10)
Palestine: The truth about 1948. Review by Norman Finkelstein (Against the Current, no.15, july/august 1988)
The 1948 Arab invasion of Israel deconstructed. Review by Ronald Bleier (Lies of Our Times, February 1993)

The Palestinian Catastrophe: The 1948 Expulsion of a People from Their Homeland
By Michael Palumbo (Quartet Books, 1987, 233 p.)
"Using newly discovered material from archives in United States, Europe and Israel as well as the documented testimony of the Jewish veterans, Michael Palumbo reveals how the Zionists carried out Ben Gurion’s plan to ’expel the Arabs and take their place’."
See chapter 1: Land without a people (p.1-33).

Israel and the Arabs
By Maxime Rodinson (Penguin, 1968/1982, 364 p.)
"The book traces the course of Zionism and examines the changing ambitions and interrelations of the Arab nations."
Concluding chapter: On the general nature of the conflict (p.314-355)

The Gun and the Olive Branch: The Roots of Violence in the Middle East
By David Hirst (Faber & Faber, 1977, 367 p.)
"In this thoughtful and carefully-documented work the Middle East correspondent of The Guardian traces the origins of this terrible conflict back to the 1880s to show how Arab violence, though too often cruel and fanatical, is a response to the challenge of repeated agression."
See Extracts from the book (scroll down)

From Haven to Conquest: Readings in Zionism and the Palestine problem until 1948
Edited by Walid Khalidi (Washington, DC, Institute for Palestine Studies, 1971/1987, 914 p.)
"Now a classic in its field, From Haven to Conquest is a unique ‎ compendium of difficult-to-obtain or out-of-print material on ‎Zionism and the history of Palestine from ancient times until 1948."


Gaia: tidsskrift for international solidaritet (nr.81, forår 2017, 31 s.). Kvartalstidsskrift online med artikler om Trump og nyliberalismen, Etiopien, Cuba, Filippinerne, Israel og Columbia.

Against the Current (Issue 188, May-June 2017). Amerikansk socialistisk tidsskrift online med artikler bl.a. om Trumps politik, Latinamerikas højredrejning, Den Russiske Revolution og arbejderdemokrati + mange boganmeldelser.

Kritisk Debat (17. april 2017). Online med 16 artikler, bl.a. om Socialdemokraterne og højrepopulismen, Latinamerika, Frankrig, Indien, samt en længere artikel af Göran Therborn om ulighedens dynamik (fra New Left Review).

International Socialism (Issue 154, Spring 2017, 223 p.). Britisk kvartalstidsskrift online med artikler bl.a om Donald Trump og den neoliberalistiske verdensorden, antisemitisme og højrefløjen, den russiske revolution og Lenins April-teser, klasseanalyse, Frantz Fanon, Engels og menneskets forhistorie + boganmeldelser.

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Michael Robert - blogging from a Marxist economist
"First-rate Marxist political economy, deployed for both analysis and polemic, lucidly explained and supported by illuminating graphs and tables."

Marxist books on the global financial crisis and capitalism
Linkbox med et udvalg af nyere marxistiske bøger på engelsk. Med anmeldelser, debat og interviews - og nye bøger (2016) af Michael Roberts og Anwar Shaikh.

Radical economic theories of the current economic crisis (pdf, 23 sider)
Union of Radical Political Economics, sommerkonference 2012.
Med bidrag fra Steve Keen, Andrew Kliman, David M. Kotz, Arthur MacEwan, Fred Moseley, Thomas I. Palley, Jack Rasmus, Michael Roberts, Anwar Shaikh og Richard Wolff.


Af Nathan Schneider

Ingen ledere, ingen vold

28. februar | Hvad indebærer begrebet om en mangfoldighed af taktikker for Occupy Wall Street? Således spørger Nathan Schneider, der selv er med i bevægelsen, i den nye bog »Vi er de 99%«.

25. februar
Folkedrabets moralske historie

23. februar
Assad-regimets krig mod egen befolkning

20. februar
»Tom« har forladt os


Af Camilla Tved

10 gode grunde til at se ”10 timer til Paradis”

19. februar | Den meget omtalte og roste spillefilmsdebut fra Mads Mathiesen gør det nemt for publikum. Læs her hvorfor en af QueerKrafts anmeldere blev blød i knæene og nu ønsker sig en (...)

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17. februar
Queerfeministisk antiracistisk kritik

11. februar
Anders Behring Breivik og kampen om forklaringen

7. februar
Arabiske kvinders kamp i skyggen af islamisternes valgsejre


Af Ulrikke Moustgaard, Kvinfo

»Kønskvoter styrker konkurrenceevnen«

27. februar | Direktøren i det norske Finansnæringens Arbeidsgiverforening mener, at kønskvoter er det bedste, der er sket for Norges globale konkurrencedygtighed.

24. februar
Faglig énmandshær er død

22. februar
Støt de græske stålarbejdere

19. februar
Lønarbejderne skal tilbage til centrum-venstre!


Af Sune Hundebøll

Løb i varmen

27. februar | Mens vi udfordres af februarkulden, har løbere sat hinanden i stævne nær Tindouf i Algeriet. Deres udfordring er varmen og 42,195 kilometers løb gennem ørkenen.

24. februar
Kontrafon: fra Nørrebros undergrund til P3

22. februar
KODA freder YouTube

22. februar
Piratradio på standby af frygt for myndighederne


Af Rina Ronja Kari

Så går det løs igen

29. februar | 10:40

Af Elizabeth Japsen

Avantgardisten Holberg anno 1721 og 8 marts

28. februar | 09:23

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Af Karen Helveg Petersen

»De faktiske forhold i jernindustrien…«

27. februar | 17:01

4 kommentarer

Af Søren Søndergaard


27. februar | 08:52

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Af Henrik Chulu

Digitalt forår

27. februar | 01:22

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Af Lise Jonassen

Vi er ikke svage - vi har bare ikke arbejde

26.februar | 11:57

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Stop ACTA nu Demonstration 25-02-2012

Billeder fra demoen mod ACTA lørdag d. 25/2-2012

Lavet af Filip S -


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@Grølheim Hvem og hvad giver dig din absurde tro på, at Assad-regimet (...)

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